LatinVFR TJSJ Puerto Rico / San Juan Preview 5

It’s already the fifth preview by LatinVFR of their upcoming San Juan 2014 product. TJSJ airport in Puerto Rico will see much more virtual aircraft to land there after release.

The designers have made significant efforts on the custom textures of the apron, taxiways and runways. The second important feature is also the surroundings [...]

LatinVFR – Preview 4 of TJSJ San Juan (Puerto Rico)

It’s just a sample of the updated screenshots series of LatinVFR to showcase their progress on San Juan TJSJ airport at Puerto Rico.

And it seems like they have made a marvellous terrain and carefully rendered details. Awesome !

LatinVFR – More San Juan screenies

Write down these 4 letters : TJSJ. It’s the airport code of San Juan in Puerto Rico, the actual project of LatinVFR.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be pretty excited at the first launch to display their new scenery on your own screen.

LatinVFR announce TJSJ Puerto Rico and P3D v2 support

Did you know people often talk a mixed language of both English with Spanish in the same sentence in Puerto Rico ? You’d better practice a bit more Spanish until LatinVFR finish TJSJ Luis Munoz Maritn Intl airport scenery.

In this forum post, the main designer Ricardo also announced they will support Prepar3D V2 [...]

LatinVFR – KSAN San Diego 10% discount

KSAN San Diego, California, initiated new design techniques by LatinVFR for airports design in FSX, P3D and FS9 resulting in a great looking scenery with efficient display performance.

Their most recent product KMIA Miami Intl V2 confirmed they are highly appreciated by customers. From today until September 22nd, you can get KSAN San Diego [...]

Version 2 of LatinVFR’s Miami

Newly released for FS9, FSX and P3D is version 2 of LatinVFR‘s KMIA – Miami International Airport.

The custom buildings feature “baked” shadows and occlusion, accompanied by custom reflection and a replacement global environment map, all sitting on a 30sq mile photoscenery background with hand-placed autogen and many [...]

LatinVFR – KMIA Update v2 preview #4

I didn’t confound, don’t worry. Yes there is already a fourth preview of the upcoming Patch V2 for KMIA Miami Intl by LatinVFR.

After the old legacy scenery of FlyTampa, we’ve been waiting for a modern design of KMIA in FSX. LatinVFR product has great buildings, terminal and overall looking, but some details don’t look [...]

LatinVFR – KMIA Update v2 preview #3

Actual customers offcially registered as users of KMIA airport developed by LatinVFR for FSX/P3D/FS9 should see the airport greatly enhanced when the upcoming patch version 2 comes out.

Higher quality of textures, new design techniques for taxi lines and signs with smooth curves and enhanced alignments, Miami Intl should be made as good as [...]

LatinVFR – KMIA v2 news

Patience will be rewarded, LatinVFR inform their customers of KMIA Miami about their progress on the version 2 update.

There are still some tasks to complete on their to-do list before they can share it with us, but it will be just great to enjoy Miami airport as we do with their last San [...]

LatinVFR – Miami v1.2 preview

It’s nice to have read how much efforts LatinVFR want to incorporate in the future patch 1.2 for KMIA Miami Intl.

But it’s even better to have an overview of the actual result although development is not finished yet. At least, the patch will be free for existing customers and the complete product price [...]