LatinVFR – Barcelona El Prat project update

A month after the past preview, LatinVFR will receive again a lot of visits of their updated preview album where simmers can see the progress on Barcelona El Prat LEBL scenery.

The experienced team is using all the knowledge and design techniques that they manage since the past products : Miami v3, San Diego or […]

LatinVFR – Barcelona El Prat preview

What have LatinVFR members been working at during past months ? The answer is official : the Spanish airport of Barcelona El Prat LEBL.

The detailed airport scenery will also come with extended photoreal terrain and coastlines to enjoy the approach.

LatinVFR Raleigh Durham KRDU Released!

LatinVFR has released a new scenery on the simMarket store in the form of a new rendition of Raleigh-Durham (KRDU).

Featuring excellent night lighting, static aircraft and HD Texturing, I recommend you take a look at the store page for more information.

LatinVFR Raleigh-Durham KRDU Previews Released

Over on their Facebook page, LatinVFR revealed a nice album of previews showcasing their upcoming scenery in progress for Raleigh-Durham, KRDU. As always, the previews are work in progress and are subject to possibly be changed as the project progresses. Stay tuned for more.

LatinVFR – KSAN San Diego update 1.3

The latest US scenery by LatinVFR has been KMIA Miami V3, but it’s a older scenery that benefits of a new update : KSAN San Diego.

In this version 1.3, the ILS rwy 09 LOC/GS issue and the Floating buildings/houses got fixed. Download the update as usual, from your customer account at simMarket.


FlyTampa EKCH & LatinVFR KMIA updates

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On the one hand we have FlyTampa update for Copenhagen EKCH airport, adding P3D V3 compatibility with […]

Updates !

LatinVFR KMIA v3 is compatible with P3D v2/v3 and FSX. For this last one, a new patch may be necessary to fix the memory usage and display performance issues. In the same time, the same publishers made another patch, for Key West v2 this time. Download what you need from your user account at simMarket.


LatinVFR – Miami KMIA v3 Released

LatinVFR have released Miami v3, featuring many additions and fixes such as new ground textures, new markings and taxiways which add a lot of visuals. Not only that, but it offers compatibility for FSX, Prepar3Dv2, Prepar3dv3 and FSX Steam. A full changelist can be found below, and it can be upgraded for €10 excl […]

LatinVFR – Key West v2 Released

LatinVFR and their awesome sceneries, What better? Their v2 update of Key West has been pushed to the simMarket! Based on their previous forum post and knowledge it seems like this update brings a new overhauled version with a whole load of new features. HD Texture mapping, FSX/P3D v2 Support along with all the […]

LatinVFR – Southwest Florida Released

LatinVFR, renowned for their various sceneries has finally cleared Southwest Florida for takeoff. Incredible HD textures and internal modelling will certainly impress the community; especially since its now available at simMarket and offers FSX, P3Dv1 and v2 support.

300 Square miles of photo scenery along with thousands of hand placed autogen objects certainly gives […]