Aerosoft – US Cities X Made P3D V4 compatible

The numerous US Cities X sceneries of Aerosoft are now compatible with Prepar3D v4.Existing customers receive the updated installer for free. The cities impacted are : Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Niagara Falls/ Buffalo, San Francisco.

Combining aerial image for the terrain, and thousands of Autogen buildings for […]

Aerosoft – US-Cities X Boston

The US Cities X collection grows up with the new release of Boston scenery : +4.000 buildings, +350.000 Autogen objects and the photoreal terrain at a high definition including elevation data for the city and surrounding airports make it an impressive and complete package.

The animated ships and boats are also included. So don’t miss […]

Aerosoft US Cities X – Boston Released

Aerosoft’s newest production of their US Citites X series is Boston! 4.3GB and over 350,000 realistically placed autogen objects will certainly be a fun place for VFR or even IFR . 9 Helipads rendered and the main airports have new high res ground textures and customised mesh terrain. You can grab your copy on […]

LimeSim – US Cities X Boston preview

LimeSim will include very high definition aerial textures in their next title of US Cities X series to cover Boston and surroundings.

Of course, to achieve such result like in the above screenshot, there are also thousands of custom buildings, and more Autogen items accurately placed. Traffic is added on the major roads, and AI […]

Preview of Limesim/29Palms Hamburg

A result of co-operation between Hamburger-Flusi-Welt, LimeSim and 29Palms, the screenshot shown above is one of several released as a preview of “Hamburg HD“, taken in Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D v2.


Brandenburg screenshots at Aerosoft

On the German language forums at Aerosoft, the developers of the upcoming Berlin Brandenburg scenery, Limesim and 29Palms, have posted some more screenshots of their progress.

The scenery, while clearly incomplete, already looks superb. Check out the screenshots and discussion (in German) here.


Aerosoft US Cities X – Los Angeles scenery

More news from Aerosoft. In the series of U.S. Cities, Los Angeles has some time running in development by LimeSim. This project is rising steadily to its final form.

Go check the latest screenshots of this FSX scenery in Aerosoft forum. Release is planned sometime by the end of August.


Los Angeles US Cities X preview

What’s new under the Californian sun ? With some new shots, LimeSim shows how is going the design of US Cities X Los Angeles.

The receipt is still made of mainly photoreal terrain, numerous buildings and custom Autogen.

Limesim visit Brandenburg Airport

Reported over at the Aerosoft forum, here, German scenery developers Limesim were fortunate enough to recently get a private visit to Brandenburg Airport in Berlin, allowing them to start development on a scenery of it for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D.

What’s particularly unusual about this trip is that Brandenburg Airport isn’t actually […]

US Cities X Los Angeles development status

LimeSim is working on US Cities X Los Angeles and we have more detailed infos on the project.

Numerous helipads, custom buildings, Autogen objects, sound effects and of course a lot of photoreal textures will be included. Get access to the preview here.