MK-Studios/Aerosoft – Mega Airport Rome P3D V4 Update Here

It’s now possible to land at Mega Airport Rome in P3D V4 with the dynamic lights integrated and the addition of SODE support !

The free update should be already listed in your user account downloads according to MK-Studios message.

Mega Airport Rome new fan video

We are not used to embed here the fans’ videos unless it’s a tutorial or singular Beta preview. There would be just tons of them to share as many virtual pilots have developed video makers skills.

But as an exception, because I’m particularly interested in Mega Airport Rome Fiumicino, and since it’s also a […]

DreamFactory Rome FSX/P3D update

For the users of Rome Fiumicino LIRF in FSX/P3D, Dreamfactory Studios made an update after the initial release.

Better framerates and enhanced quality are the main differences. The product scenery can be found here.

Dreamfactory Studio – Rome Fiumicino FSX/P3D

Dreamfactory Studio who just made Rome Fiumicino for FSX/P3D is the same author of Mega Airport Brussels, Amsterdam and Arlanda. “Almost every building” have been reproduced and even the Leonardo Express train is there.

Before you add this new scenery to your basket, loot at the product screenshots of simMarket product page to get an […]

Freeware : LIRF Rome Fiumicino

Seen on our pages here in June 2012, the freeware project of LIRF Rome Fiumicino for FSX has gone live !

Load screenshots while you’re downloading ! Congrats to Andrea Lanconelli and the New Scenery Group members.

Aerosoft – Mega Airport Rome FS2004

It’s finally available, but FS2004 compatible only for now. Mega Airport Rome designed by Dreamfactory will be made for FSX as well of course.

As clearly stated on the product page “All buyers of the FS2004 version will get the FSX version for free as soon as it is available.” You get everything one […]

Aerosoft – Rome Fiumicino preview

What’s next in Mega Airport series ? Helsinki Vantaa in Finland has been the latest entry, and in the near future it’s another big European hub, in Italy this time: Rome Fiumicino.

New screenshots of the current development works have been been published in Aerosoft forum.


Aerosoft Rome Fiumicino in development

Uploaded a week ago, the last pictures showing the work in progress by Aerosoft in Rome Fiumicino scenery are very realistic already.

If you visited the real place, you will easily recognize the terminal buildings and even the Leonarda Express railway serving the airport to Termini, the central train station.


Aerosoft announce Mega Airport Rome Fiumicino

Rome Fiumicino LIRF, for FSX and FS2004, was missing in the Mega Airport series of Aerosoft European hubs.

The popular airport will be released after another Italian scenery, Bari LIBD, that should be ready later this month.

Rome Fiumicino Freeware project

The Italian airports are raising interests according to the different projects recently made or currently in development. LIRF Rome Fiumicino Airport Freeware project FSX.

A designers team around Andrea Lanconelli announce they are working on Rome Fiumicino for FSX as freeware. Pay them a visit to their forum !