FS Captain v1.7.0

FS Captain announce a major enhancement for this pilot career and airline manager addon.

Beside the compatibility with P3D V3 – added along FSX, FSX:Se, P3D V2, and FS 2004), the software brings important new features : “Minimum Safe Distance, Customs Services, Private Use Airports, and more!” claims the official website. Try the demo for […]

FS2Crew PMDG 777 Edition update 1.6 ready

Bryan York officially stated earlier today he released the latest update v1.6 for its FS2Crew PMDG 777 Edition.

In its content, you will get enhanced French voices for the flying crew. New people recorded them, with a European accent instead of the one from Quebec, Canada. And the Captain has now a female voice. In […]

FS2Crew news

They are all about PMDG and Boeing airliners : their FS2Crew PMDG 777 Edition has entered in Beta test of the future update 1.6, that will particularly enhance the French voice sets, with new people involved for the Captain (woman).

In the same time, FS2Crew is also working on another upgrade, this time for FS2Crew […]

Airport Simulator 2015 soon

Rondomedia is preparing the public release of Airport Simulator 2015, planned for this April 22nd, and it seems like we’ll have various new operations available like clearing away the snow, new service vehicles to control, and new aircraft models.

You got it, it’s not just a cosmectic update with enhanced features. The publisher preview is […]

FsPassengers development news

The founder and developer of FsPassengers announced in his forum that he’s already working on a new Beta version that will be upgraded for free.

His goals are FSX Steam Edition and Windows 8 support at first, but he also aims to make it P3D compliant later as well.

FsPassengers X for FSX, and […]

Airlinesim updated, new world added

Airlinesim, the web-based airline management game by simulogics, has been updated to version 6.2, including adding a new game world named “Riem”

The full Press Release can be found by clicking “Read More“.


Air Hauler 2 announced for FSX P3D

Very useful for some simmers, the programs that simulate economic and career opportunities in relation with the flight simulator, allow these people to feel more involved in their virtual duties to achieve a perfect and smooth flight.

With Air Hauler 2 for FSX and P3D, there will be missions for freight or passengers transport, […]

FS2Crew announce Ultimate Ground Crew X

Waiting for the PMDG 777 SDK release, FS2Crew has announced another project that will not be related to a specific aircraft addon.

Ultimate Ground Crew X will simulate the pushing and towing ground operations in a realistic manner, with all aircraft at all airports.


AirwaySim adds new game world

Airline management game AirwaySim have announced the addition of a new large game world to their line-up. “The virtual airline managers can now battle in the new “Game World #3” that starts from the year 1995 and runs all the way till year 2030. You can even make your airline fly the new aircraft […]

FS2Crew Majestic Q400 Voice Control released

FS2Crew will turn you to a real addict to the Majestic Dash 8 Q400, It’s boarding time, and you’re not alone anymore.*

The complete flight and ground crews are managed. Respect the airline procedures, follow the checklists, interact with the copilot and flight attendant. It’s a new simming experience for sure after you install FS2Crew. […]