Aerosoft – A330 New MCDU and VC Previews

Aerosoft have released a new preview today showcasing the new independent MCDU’s that will be available in their upcoming A330. Keep in mind all of the previews are WIP and the textures certainly aren’t final. The Aerosoft A330 seems to be progressing especially well this year and I cant wait for it to progress […]

Fabio Merlo A32x MCDU driver for FSX P3D

Fabio Merlo would like to announce that he recently released his driver to make the FSCOCKPIT MCDU function with the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended in FSX, P3D v1.4 and 2.

The driver supports all buttons and “most” functions of the MCDU, with configurable backlighting and a new “MCDU Flight Simulator Window FullScreenView” which can be […]

VR Insight – CDU II

If you’re into modern airliners, especially those with a lot of ‘glass’ displays, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how typing in the CDU (Boeing) or MCDU (Airbus) should be easier than using the mouse. The good news is there are several easier, more realistic and better looking hardware solutions. The […]

MD-11 MCDU training video

Angle of Attack has a teaser (cut) video of their MCDU training for MD-11.

It’s of course the PMDG MD-11 model here, and we are in favor that simmers keep on learning to fly, and to improve their knowledge of airliners technology. Yes, in that order.. fellow touch-buttons !


Aerosoft announced Airbus X Extended

Announced yesterday the Airbus X Extended in Aerosoft previews forum, and planned for release until the end of this year,

Bringing 2 new models, sharklets, the package will load a more functional MCDU (SIDs, STARs, routes, VNAV), enhanced fly-by-wire, Navigation Display reworked, more and better sounds .. Check all details through the above link. Owners […]

vasFMC 2.1, your freeware FMS / FMGC

The latest version 2.1 of the freeware vasFMC has been available for months already but we noted its development status in late March, and got released just a few weeks later.

Let’s participate in raising its fame : vasFMC is compatible with FSX, brings an Airbus like autopilot overriding the default one of […]

vasFMC : Airbus and Boeing systems free

With vasFMC, you get various systems simulated in a standalone program you can integrate with FSX / FS2004 / X-Plane on Windows / Mac OS / Linux operations systems.

It’s also a gauge you can insert in FS2004 panels, and soon in FSX panels. The features list is already long because it simulates the ND, […]

Review: CockpitSonic Hardware and Marciano’s Driver

This review is a contribution by simFlight Italia, original written by Fabio Merlo and translated into English by Ugo Merlini.

In this review we’ll talk about CockpitSonic, about its products and their interfacing with Flight Simulator and specifically with the airplane Feelthere Airbus Vol.1.

We are going to speak about the two following products: Cockpitsonic […]

News for the Wilco Airbus

Our reader Stephan Schäfer has sent in this bit of information: “Eric Marciano is providing a driver which allows the full integration of the Cockpitsonic MCDU into the Wilco Airbus (similar to the integration of the Engravity CDU into the PMDG 737). Currently only Vol. 1 is supported, but according to his website Vol. 2 […]