Aerosoft Berlin Brandenburg : getting closer

Many people are waiting for it, both in real life and in our simulators. As Aerosoft already announced it, the scenery of Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg will be available before the opening of its real counterpart.

The latest information published by Aerosoft in its previews forum include screenshots of the scenery manager, the updated [...]

Aerosoft Mega Airport Dublin Available

Aerosoft‘s latest “Mega Airport”, serving Dublin (EIDW/DUB), the capital city of Ireland and home to flag airline Aer Lingus, has been released and is now available to buy.

The scenery covers “All buildings and installations at and around the airport”, set on photoreal backgrounds with seasonal textures. Realistic [...]

Aerosoft Mega Airport Dublin X Promo video

Although the product is not out yet, the official promo video is !

This will give you a better idea of the overall look of Mega Airport Dublin X for sure.

Aerosoft Mega Airport Johannesburg preview

After Sahara Desert Fly-In, and Djerba X, the German publisher has already started to work on another incursion in Africa, and it’s a particularly famous place.

Johannesburg aiport is going to be a Mega Airport title, look at the development status in their previews forum.


Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo V2 box

The version 2 of Mega Airport Oslo combines high definition textures, global realism with a bunch of details, with design efficiency for best performance and smooth display.

Fly to Norway and get now this modern scenery either through download immediate delivery or as box shipped to your address. It will fit perfectly in FSX, [...]

Sim-Wings London Heathrow development news

We don’t have new preview screenshots this time, but Thorsten Loth of Sim-Wings team informed that Mega Airport Heathrow X may be published in April 2014.

The remaining time will be dedicated to taxiway lines and night textures design.

Aerosoft Mega Airport Brussels : new pics

Fortunately for Aerosoft, more people than only Belgians are following the development of Mega Airport Brussels EBBR.

Various 3D modelling stage screenshots have been uploaded in the Aerosoft previews forum, click here.

Aerosoft Mega Aiport Dublin High Res preview

The Mega Airport series of Aerosoft is a great collection of detailed airports series to gather the most important European hubs in your simulator addons library.

For the first time, the German publishing will add the Irish capital airport to the Mega Airport collection Dublin EIDW. Click here and visit the work-in-progress gallery.


Mega Airport Oslo v2 – now available

Developer Jo Erlend Sund has stepped up the game again with Aerosoft‘s Mega Airport series, bringing version 2 of Oslo Gardermoen (OSL/ENGM) to computers for FSX, P3D v1 and v2.

The new version brings the major changes to the airport which have taken place in recent years, against [...]

Aerosoft – Mega Airport Oslo v2 trailer

Aerosoft YouTube page now displays a new trailer of Mega Airport Oslo v2, different and longer than the one posted a week ago.

It gives a better view of the terminals, the custom ground markings and the overall look of the scenery blended into the surroundings.