I.D.S. – Mega Airport Brussels EBBR

Lately, Innovative Development Studios communicated mainly about the early developement of KSMF Sacramento International airport.

I hope you didn’t forget that they will release first Mega Airport Brussels EBBR, to be published by Aerosoft. Their new set of preview pics help us to refresh our mind.


Mega Airport London Heathrow now also for FS9

Mega Airport London Heathrow is no longer limited to FSX and P3D, it’s now also working in FS9 !

Thanks to Sim-Wings latest design techniques, the most important hub of all Europe is now live, detailed, and full of details, animations, HD textures..

Aerosoft – new pics of Brussels National

Aerosoft planned to build an updated version of Mega Airport Brussels so we can replace the actual scenery developed in early 2007.

The development progress can be followed in Aerosoft previews forum.

Aerosoft Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended !

Heathrow EGLL may be one of your regular destination, or even maybe your main virtual hub. Thanks to Sim-Wings and Aerosoft, here comes finally Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended.

They have used the latest design and render technics so you can enjoy the busiest airport of Europe with its surroundings at all seasons, in […]

Exclusive preview of Mega Airport Lisbon v2

Always curious to take a glance at a big airport before it’s officially on sale ? So click here, and thanks to our friends at simFlight.de, you can access to their exclusive preview of Aerosoft Mega Airport Lisbon LPPT.


Mega Airport Brussels WIP

The Belgian capital will finally get an updated airport scenery by Aerosoft, in the Mega Airport series.

In Aerosoft previews forum, Brussels EBBR work-in-progress screenshots show the new details added on the terminal, on the terrain and on the custom ground polygons.


Aerosoft – Mega Airport Lisbon V2 for P3D V2

Despite they are still adding the last touches before it enters in Beta test, Aerosoft accepted to share new preview screenshots of Mega Airport Lisbon V2.

The current product was released in 2009, and Aerosoft keeps on revisiting more Mega Airport sceneries to update the sceneries with HD textures, and P3D v2 compatibility at […]

Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg box

Used to receive at home in your mail box the latest Aerosoft scenery ? Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg is the new boxed product you will need to add to your FS addons collection beside the others.

The future German hub EDDB has been depicted using the latest scenery techniques and loads high end features, […]

Mega Airport Frankfurt 2014 unveiled

Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft decided to unveil the early development stage of Mega Airport Frankfurt 2014, a new version of EDDF that was needed to meet the current design and performance expectations of simmers in FSX, and P3D of course.

You already have both kind of views from high above the airport terrain, and […]

Aerosoft – Mega Airport Brussels new pics

Follow Mega Airport Brussels development in Aerosoft previews forum by clicking this link.

At this stage, the custom buildings are getting interior details, while the exterior model of the airport buildings and terminals have not received all their textures yet.