NEXTMap first release from FSGenesis

Justin Tyme and FSGenesis are amongst the best known names in the hobby – indeed they’ve been around and involved for longer than most in the hobby!

As of yesterday, the latest FSGenesis product, NEXTMap Northern Andes – the first in a new series of 19m mesh products in partnership with Intermap Technologies – is […]

LivingFS Philppines 30m Mesh

LivingFS have brought the FSX world a number of mesh improvements for places on the globe that are often overlooked and, usually, really need the help compared to the default terrain.

Their latest release covers the Philippines and. as can be seen from the screenshot on the left, the ASTER-based 30m mesh really does make […]

FSGenesis hard situation

The future of FSGenesis is not sure at all, and it’s more exactly negative when you read the bad news posted in their blog.

FSGenesis was created in 1998, but they’re running now into financial problems. It would be sad to see such an important and good part of the FS community go away.


LivingFS Thailand/Cambodia 30m Mesh

LivingFS are continuing to improve the generally very low quality mesh of the FSX world with the release of their latest package covering the South Asian countries of Thailand and Cambodia.

As can be seen from the screenshot linked to the left and others on the simMarket product page, the 30m ASTER data used to […]

LivingFS Mesh for Sri Lanka

Like much of the FSX world, the Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka is best described as “somewhat lacking in detail”.

The default mesh away from the areas considered important by Microsoft is definitely somewhat lacking, so LivingFS have brought distinct improvements to the island using 30m ASTER data.

The developers have provided a number […]

Greenland mesh upgrade for P3D

Anyone who has looked at most of the world’s default mesh in almost any sim will know how inaccurate the default mesh and coastlines are, without significant second or third party input. Well, in Greenland‘s case, it’s worse than most. The reason? SRTM data, which is often used as the basis for mesh upgrades, doesn’t […]

Freeware HD Mesh Scenery for X-Plane 10

This is again for X-Plane 10 users, and thanks to Andras Fabian. I hope you have a reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth and some free space on your hard disk.

He has made available various Freeware mesh for different regions of the world : USA West with Rockies, Alaska, Canada West, and a […]

Freeware Mesh for X-Plane

Andras Fabian of has released a series of HD mesh upgrades for Laminar’s X-Plane 10 simulator as freeware.

Covering much of North America and a swathe of Europe in addition to the Canary Islands, the sceneries are available along with more information from here.

For more screenshots, Andras has two galleries of screenshots uploaded, […]

Pilot’s – FSGlobal Ultimate Asia Oceania

The third volume of FSGlobal Ultimate covers Asia and Oceania, still with a high level of details up to LOD13 at 5m for terrain mesh.

Purchase your DVD set now at

“Ultimate Africa” Terrain mesh for FSX in Development

Fabio Trojan of ESC Sceneries has been in contact, to announce that they are working on a high quality mesh covering Africa, initially for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Pretty much anyone who has flown in Africa in the sim and knows anything about the majority of the continent in the real world agrees that it […]