Pottier P130UL “Bleu Citron” for X-Plane

Amongst the many interesting designs that have resulted from the ever expanding fixed-wing ultralight/microlight market is the French Pottier P130UL – now made available, with the assistance of an owner and the original blueprints, by Hydroz for X-Plane 9.70+ and 10.

The package includes a switchable gear model, from tricycle to taildragger configuration, with checklists, […]

Iris releases the Jabiru

Earlier today, Iris Simulations announced the release of their Jabiru J-160 fixed-wing Ultralight for MS FSX and L-M P3D.

Featuring a Dynon D10 style EFIS, sounds recorded from the real aircraft, a flight model tested by real world Jabiru pilots and instructors, plus an in-simulator aircraft manager for visual components, this little 100kt aircraft could […]

Aerosoft forum freebie!

Are you registed for Aerosoft‘s forums and fancy a little bit of fun in FSX? The developer responsible for their Falcon microlight, Dave Rowberry, has produced a Mitchell Wing, which has been made available to registered forum members.

To get the aircraft simply sign in to the forums and there’s a release post right at […]