MilViz – DHC-2 Spray N’Play Expansion Pack

MilViz sells an expansion for their superb DHC-2 Beaver : 6 new versions of the aircraft are added by the Spray N’Play Expansion Pack.

STOL variants with the STOL wing modification kit, functional crop duster with dyanmic weight. Read all about it at simMarket.


MilViz – More Aircraft For P3D V4

Added to the F-86D Sabre, and the F-100D Super Sabre, Milviz now count 3 products more in the Prepared V4 aircraft category.

Their Cessna C310R, T-38A Jet Trainer and the T-38A Advanced are also compatible with the latest version of P3D. The upgrade is free of charge for existing customers.


Milviz – Updates for P3D v4 now FREE

Milviz finally changed their mind about all their P3D v4 udpates, for example for the F-86 Sabre, or the F-100D Super Sabre just to name the most popular titles.

Intially charged 5 EUR each to the previous customers willing to get the P3D V4 update, Milviz provides them now for free AND will directly refund […]

MilViz – ATR 72-600 VC Progress

The last preview of MilViz shows a large view of the 3D virtual cockpit being modelled for their future ATR 72-600.

The overhead, pedestal and pilots seast have been integrated since the last screenshot.

Milviz – DHC-2 Beaver FSX P3D

Major entry at simMarket with the impressive DHC-2 Beaver model of MilViz, ready to fly in P3D v4-v2 and FSX.

Subsystems simulated and configure the model variant of your choice : skis, floats, toundra wheels etc..

Milviz – F-100D Super Sabre FSX P3D

The F-100D Super Sabre must be in your wishlist at simMarket if you like top notch military aircraft addons. And now even more if you use P3D v4 since Milviz just made it compatible.

Experience their new Milviz Aircraft Management Options for setting the startup options, the weapons loadout configuration live in the simulator, define […]

Milviz – North American F-86 Sabre P3D v4

The marvellous F-86 Sabre model for P3D v4 by Milviz is here at simMarket. This is the exclusive pack for use with the latest Prepar3D edition. For FSX and/or P3D v2/v3, you must select another product.

Pilots equipped with VRS TacPack can better use the F-86 Sabre TacPack Edition available here.


Milviz – Lear 60XR Preview

Milviz posted a single but beautiful preview screenie of their Lear 60XR project.

The exterior model of the business jet shows a very detailed, shiny and realistic exterior body.

MilViz – ATR 72-600 3D Virtual Cockpit

The exciting project of the ATR 72-600 run by MilViz will please the turboprop pilots that wish to fly this beautiful aircraft with the modernized glass cockpit and large displays.

The first glimple of the 3D virtual cockpit is visible in this Facebook preview album.


MilViz – Advanced Series F-4E Phantom II FSX P3D

Expansion for pilots already owning the F-4E Phantom II of MilViz, this Advanced Series brings more functionality and realistic features for your fighter.

The flight model has been modelled out of the flight simulator, a nice list of numerous systems are simulated as in the real aircraft.