Aerosoft – Svolvaer XP

The Lofoten archipelago are known as one of the most beautiful area of Norway, in the North.

This is were you will find the latest X-Plane 10/11 scenery of Aerosoft with Svolvaer XP, the detailed airport (ENSH).

Aerosoft – Airport Bergen XP

The German publishers maintains the special efforts to deliver new detailed airports for X-Plane 11 and 10.50.

Bergen ENBR is the second most important airport in Norway after Oslo, frequently visited by tourists willing to explore the famous fjords region.

Aerosoft – Bergen X and Mega Airport Oslo for P3D v4

Aerosoft informed their customers that 2 Norwegian airports have been recently updated, for free.

Mega Airport Oslo V2 (ENGM) got its update 1.12, and it was recently made compatible with P3D v4 and completed with SODE animated jetways and dynamic lights

The latest update of Bergen X (ENBR) is the version 1.04. Pilots willing to […]

Aerosoft – Trondheim-Vaernes X 2.0 FSX P3D

Visit Norway via its 4th most important airport : Trondheim-Vaernes. There’s just a new version 2.0 by Aerosoft for FSX and P3D v3/v4.

The detailed airport scenery is made of highly detailed buildings, jetways and custom objects, and includes also well designed surroundings. Special update offer for customers of previous version.


Aerosoft – Airport Oslo X-Plane

Volunteers for a detailed airport in X-Plane 10/11 ? Aerosoft is knocking at the door !

The Norwegian airport of Oslo ENGM is using very nice looking wooden and glass textures on the terminal building as you can see on the upper screenshot. See the rest of them at simMarket.


Aerosoft – Alta X Review

At the end of March, Aerosoft released their latest and northern most offering for Norway: Alta X. Considering previous releases from the same developers in this region, expectations are high. So let’s take a look!


Aerosoft – Alta X Official Trailer

Maybe you were not ready to leave already the Winter conditions to make your flights a bit more challenging.

With the upcoming Aerosoft scenery of Alta X, ENAT airport in Norway, you will be free to set your preferred season and appreciate the seasonal terrain.

Aerosoft – Alta X preview (Norway)

Another Norwegian project is in the hands of Aerosoft as publisher, and actually developed by Jo Erlend.

His last post in the previews forum was only about the terrain and global vision of Alta airport (ICAO : ENAT). Don’t forget to scroll up to the first preview of the tower and terminal buildings.


Aerosoft – Svolvaer X Released

Aerosoft have just released Svolvaer X today, certainly an unexpected release at that. Svolvær Airport is a small regional airport located in the Lofoten area in northern Norway. Its scenic location surrounded by both fjords and towering mountains makes this airport a beautiful destination, but due to its harsh winter it will also challenge […]

Taburet – Night 3D Sweden

Numerous 3d light bulbs are spread all over the country, using two different colours and splash textures on the roads to renew the night flying experience in FSX and P3D.

Sweden is the latest country added to the Night 3D Series of Raimundo Taburet, and you can also add to your basket Norway if you […]