Aerosoft – Tromsø X

Aerosoft completes their Norwegian airports with Tromsø X (ENTC). Way in the north of Norway, the airport scenery made for both FSX/P3D has definitely quality features : from HD terrain textures, to functional docking guidance system, there are a lot to read.

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Tromso Video Teaser

Aerosoft‘s upcoming Tromso X scenery is the subject of the not-so-short video above, posted by JerdooFlightX at the publisher’s forums.

To see the ongoing discussion about the scenery, the preview thread can be found here.

Aerosoft – Tromsø X preview

Bergen X received very positive feedback from the simmers, and Aerosoft wish they could at least repeat that with another Norwegian scenery : Tromsø X.

ENTC Airport is not the only content of this future product : its surroundings, HD photoreal textures, and animations will be added as well.


Aerosoft – Bergen X

Several months of patience will be rewarded now that simmers interested in the Norwegian airport of Bergen X can install it in FSX and/or P3D.

Among the most important features, you can note at least the seasonal terrain and the docking system.

Aerosoft – Bergen X shot in P3D v2

After Mega Airport Oslo V2, Aerosoft will have another Norwegian destination in their catalogue when they release Bergen X (ENBR).

In the first previews, we saw the gates, some parts of the terminal building. In these new pictures taken from Prepar3D V2, we have now a better overview of the scenery, the ground markings and […]

Aerosoft announced Bergen ENBR

It’s a pity that Bergen in Norway is not as famous as deserved, because the city is beautiful and attractive, and its region has beautiful fjords.

Aerosoft will virtually invite us to Norway with their ENBR airport scenery project for FSX, P3D v1 and P3D v2.


Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo V2 box

The version 2 of Mega Airport Oslo combines high definition textures, global realism with a bunch of details, with design efficiency for best performance and smooth display.

Fly to Norway and get now this modern scenery either through download immediate delivery or as box shipped to your address. It will fit perfectly in FSX, […]

Aerosoft – Mega Airport Oslo v2 trailer

Aerosoft YouTube page now displays a new trailer of Mega Airport Oslo v2, different and longer than the one posted a week ago.

It gives a better view of the terminals, the custom ground markings and the overall look of the scenery blended into the surroundings.

VATSIM gets festive

The festive fun takes to the virtual skies of VATSIM tonight, with VATEUD’s “Fly and See Santa 2013” taking place, as the image above says, between 1800 and 2300z this evening.

The airports covered by VATSIM Scandanavia for the event are EFRO (Rovaniemi in Finland), ESPA (Luleå in Sweden) and ENTC (Tromsø in Norway). If […]

Mega Airport Oslo v2 trailer

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That’s the new trailer video Aerosoft is sharing tonight about Mega Airport Oslo v2. Not surprising, a visitor commented “Hopefully the performance will be 100% better than V1“.

In the previews forum, other videos have been reported to show the dynamic shadows for instance, exclusively in P3D v2.