Paris-Ile de France VFR – Airport Pack Vol.3 – Preview

In order to complete Paris VFR 3D Automation (Photoreal terrain and dense custom Autogen with realistic position), FranceVFR adds optional Airport packs in that region around Paris covered by the Base VFR product.

After the volumes 1 and 2 already in stock, they are preparing the Airport Pack volume 3 to include the following […]

FranceVFR – Paris Ile-De-France VFR – Airport Pack Vol.2

FranceVFR – Paris Ile-De-France VFR has been a major French addon to cover the whole Paris region with HD photoreal terrain, and an impressive Autogen, made of pure custom objects (vegetation, buildings) accurately placed with a high density to produce a high level of realism.

At simMarket store, you can complete it or you use […]

FranceVFR – Paris Ile-De-France VFR – Airport Pack vol1 released

The first Airport Pack of FranceVFR covers 10 detailed airports and airfields in the Western region of Paris. It can be used alone, or along the Paris Ile-De-France VFR pack, which brings the HD photoreal terrain, custom and dense Autogen, plus numerous landmarks and monuments.

The scenery is full compatible with P3D v2/v3 and with […]

FranceVFR – Paris Île-de-France VFR

Discover Paris and its surroundings as never before in a flight simulator. The dense and custom Autogen items, buildings and vegetation, combined with custom made objects, monuments and landmarks make a wonderful and wide area to fly.

The developer FranceVFR sent us their complete press release reproduced below.


FranceVFR – Paris Île-de-France VFR FSX/P3D

The extensive addon of Paris region from FranceVFR is made of high density and typical Autogen buildings, with custom vegetation. The package also includes the ground textures at 0,5m per pixel made of aerial photos, and the high definition mesh.

Perfect for VFR flights in Paris Ile-de-France, the French developers also added custom buildings and […]

FranceVFR – Paris VFR new preview

How will Paris city look in the upcoming Paris VFR ? The new preview screenshots series will give you a better idea of Paris city itself, because the last preview shared by FranceVFR was more about surroundings and a few landmarks because Paris VFR will also cover the rest of Paris region, Ile-de-France.


Taxi2Gate – KSEA video and next projects

A few days after the release, Taxi2Gate added the P3D installers to KSEA Seattle Tacoma and now present the official video.

Today, they announce their next airports sceneries will be EDDM Munich, and LFPG Paris Charles De Gaulle.

ATC Operations – Paris

3 famous airports air space around Paris will be under your control in the new ATC game of ATC Operations – Paris.

Paris Charles De Gaulle, Orly and Le Bourget will get you busy I bet.

FranceVFR Paris Unlimited project

As the new products from FranceVFR are compatible with both FSX and P3D V2, Paris Unlimited project won’t be restricted to Microsoft simulator.

Detailed information should be made public in September, but we already know at least it will be a combination of separate products to make Paris one of the most beautiful and […]

FranceVFR – Beauvais Tille LFOB FSX P3DV2

Discover a new regional airport close to Paris, France, in a very detailed manner by FranceVFR.

More than local flights, Beauvais Tille LFOB receives also flights of low costs companies bringing passengers to visit and to work at Paris. FranceVFR adds many custom landmarks and detailed surroundings, compatible with Photo HD Picardie for instance.