Wilco 737PIC Evolution in a Box

The Wilco/FeelThere/Aeroplane Heaven “737PIC Evolution” product is now available from simMarket as a Deluxe boxed product – although according to the product information, the boxed version does still require the same internet activation as its download.

Although there are a veritable plethora of Boeing 737 add-ons out there, […]

Wilco 737 Evolution Update… Update.

As it appears there was some confusion regarding the recent release of the Version 1.2 update of Wilco’s 737PIC Evolution product, we asked the question of the publisher as to whether this was an entirely new program, a patch or a new purchase, as some people thought.

The answer to the query is that version […]

FS2Crew for 737PIC Evo in Development

Bryan York of FS2Crew has announced that work is underway on the next product in their line, which add more depth and immersion to your virtual flights:

“FS2Crew is currently working on ‘Voice Commander’ version for the Wilco 737 Evolution.

This product adds a “Voice Controlled” flight, cabin and ground crew to your 737 Evolution […]

Wilco 737PIC Evolution Released

Wilco Publishing have announced the release of their 737PIC Evolution follow on to their popular 737PIC product originally released for MS FS9 and ported to FSX.

Now developed purely for the newer FSX platform, 737PIC Evolution comes in two versions, Standard and Deluxe, with both packages containing FSX native models of the B737 “Classic” range […]

Four Wilco Airliners Added

A bunch of Wilco products has landed on the simMarket shelves. Included are the 737 Pilot in Command for Vista32, 737 PiC for XP, Airbus Series Vol2 and Airbus 380 V2. “….. 737 Pilot in Command offers all the features of other highly acclaimed Pilot in Command products, with new exciting and exclusive features that […]