PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster – FSX P3D Update

A minor update for the DC-6 Cloudmaster of PMDG aimed at FSX and P3D virtual pilots comes to fix a few items. The team announce that the “FO side trim indicator doesn’t move”, “CHT during TO is getting higher with colder OAT” and they unlocked the PDF manuals.

More simmers will be interested to read […]

PMDG – DC-6 Cloudmaster (P3D) Review

In June 2016, PMDG released the Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster for X-Plane, their first foray into that platform. Early in the summer of 2017, the same classic airplane was released for FSX and P3D. Quite a bit different from the Boeing airliners PMDG released the last couple of years, so let’s see how they did.


FS2Crew – PMDG 747 QOTS II Service Pack 1

FS2Crew announced that their latest edition for PMDG 747 Queen Of The Skies II got his first Service Pack to address the few fixes reported by the customers.

Ultimate Ground Crew X project keeps being developed, and the communication between its programmer and FS2Crew manager Bryan York sees a new build once a week.


Homecockpit Software Suite For PMDG 737 NGX

In order to use the hardware modules of Opencockpit combined with the PMDG 737 NGX, you may need special software to ensure the communication.

RKSoftware is pleased to announce the new released OC4BAv4 homecockpit software suite that let you build a B737-600/700/800/900 home cockpit. All functions of the PMDG model can be controlled through Opencockpit […]

FS2Crew – PMDG 747 QOTS II is Online

After a long wait, it’s finally available for purchase : PMDG pilots flying with the 747 Queen Of The Sky II can now add FS2Crew on top of it.

Three voice sets and numerous pilots briefings, checklists announcements, callouts and other cabin sounds are included to reproduce the daily operations with realistic standard airline duties […]

PMDG – Jetstream 41 P3D Preview

PMDG team announce the development of the Jetstream 41 adaptation for P3D.

The turboprop aircraft is a common reason for some simmers to maintain FSX still installed.

FS2Crew NGX Reboot for Prepar3D V4

Only a few weeks ago, PMDG let their popular 737 NGX take off in P3D v4.

For the numerous fans of FS2Crew, they were missing their flight crew companion and standard operations simulations.

The solution is now available : you need the new FS2Crew NGX Reboot for Prepar 3D V4, specially coded for the 64bit […]

PMDG – DC-6 Cloudmaster Update

A first update for the PMDG – DC-6 Cloudmaster has been released in order to resolve a few issues shortly after release for P3D/FSX.

The team reminds also their previous updates launched last week for other airliners addons if you have been too busy to notice them.


PMDG – 737-600/700 NGX for P3D V4 Available

The popular expansion for PMDG 737 NGX, the Boeing 737-600/700 NGX is now ready to fly in P3D v4 too ! As announced earlier, the upgrade is free for the users already using the P3D version of the product.

Read Robert S. Randazzo announcement in their support forum here.


PMDG – Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster Available

The Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster is ready for take-off, ask your clearance at PMDG before they select your runway : P3D v4/v3 or FSX.

Among the features included, the Artificial Flight Engineer can help you at different phases of the flight.