FS2Crew – Majestic Q400 64Bit Edition

It’s required if you want to combine FS2Crew airline crew management simulation and Majestic Q400 in P3D v4 : the new 64Bit Edition of FS2Crew is now ready.

The Canadian based company converted their code to the new 64 bit programming. In the new product, you also get now directly added the Global Flight Officer […]

Majestic Software – Q400 for P3D4 Available Now

The numerous pilots of the very advanced and realistic simulation Dash 8 Q400 by Majestic Software can now enjoy their beauty in Prepar3D V4 too : available now at simMarket.

Both Pilot and Pro versions are ready. This last one is completed with more features like advanced sound system, autopilot TCS mode, shared cockpit, headup […]

Majestic Software – Q400 P3D V4 Details

Majestic Software is getting prepared for the P3D V4 release of their popular Dash 8 Q400, Pilot and Pro Editions.

If you missed their Facebook post relating the upgrade plan, all details are already set and public : it’s here.


FS2Crew – Global Voice Set Expansion Pack released

In the original FS2Crew Dash 8 Q400 Bundle Pack, there are 3 three voice sets in English, the European, the British and the American.

To vary your flight officer voices along your numerous flights onboard the Majestic Q400, FS2Crew sells now the optional Global Voice Set Expansion Pack that adds 7 new voices from […]

Majestic Software – Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition Review

In November 2015, Majestic Software released their Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition, an extension to their highly acclaimed Q400 Pilot’s Edition. In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the entire product, not just the features that differentiate the Pro Edition from the Pilot’s Edition. So let’s go, shall we?


Airline2Sim Q400 FO Training Released

Today brings the launch of Airline2Sim’s new First Officer training package, taught by a real Dash 8 pilot from a major UK airline. Rejoin josh as he shows you the ropes with various more complex scenarios such as rejected takeoff procedures, engine fail at v1 and much more. It’s now available on their website […]

FS2Crew Q400 v1.6 supports PRO version

For the top notch Majestic Software Q400, and now also for its PRO version bringing shared cockpit advanced simulation, FS2Crew is a must have to enhance again your pilot and crew management skills.

Get the new update V1.6 for FS2Crew Q400 Voice Control, and you will be ready for the thrilling experiece of real […]

Majestic – Dash 8 Q400 Pro Version First-Looks by Emanuel Hagen

Emanuel Hagen, one of the Aerosoft forum moderators was privileged enough to be sent the Dash 8 Pro release candidate version by Majestic themselves. Having published his post in a few Facebook groups, he kindly allowed me to republish it here and on v-aviation.net.


Majestic Q400 & Prepar3D v3

Majestic Software have released a statement on their Facebook page stating that “The Q400 is not yet supported on the Prepar3D V3.0 platform. Although it is possible to fly the aircraft, the known issues are: No cabin sound and also often stuttering of the aircraft from the outside view when in the air.


Majestic Software – Q400 new preview

As Majestic Software is developing the ‘Pro’ and ‘Training’ versions of their Dash 8 Q400, clues of their progress status can be found in the social networks.

During their late night testing, and HUD testing, new screenshots have been taken to be shared with the FSX/P3D community. And we can see their weather radar is […]