Rafale C freeware for FS9

Fly the Frenchie Rafale of Dassault ! Spectra-3D mentioned here a few months ago finished the FS9 freeware version of the Rafale C.

Among the download links, don’t forget to grab the English tutorial to follow the startup procedure, as you may have surprise if you think to hit CTRL+E and go.


Rafale for Indian Air Force

The French multirole jet fighter has finally found its first exterior market in India.

The final agreement conditions will be decided in the next months, but Dassault Aviation already announced they sold a total of 126 aircraft, 18 to be built in France and 108 in India.

Dassault will transfer technologies to India, and […]

Rafale news for FS

In last June 2011, Roland Laborie launched his Dassault Rafale C/M on the market but experienced problems with the original Dassault company… maybe not aware of the lack of exposure they are already suffering from, and the resulting negative communication inspired of the past century. Anyway, Roland keeps on working and previews a Rafale B […]

RLaborie – Dassault Rafale

You may be the first customer outside France to purchase a Dassault Rafale with this new one, brought in its two variants : Air and Navy.

The external model is advertised as animated in many parts and the major part of the VC switches are functional.


Freeware Rafale M in beta

Thor’s Hammer is a Belgian designer developing a Rafale M model for FSX as freeware.

He announced the beta test has started. The VC will be as detailed as the exterior model can be on this picture. For more infos, watch the target=”_blank”>older Alpha video, or follow the development discussion in this -French- forum.