New products at simMarket

The following products are new at simMarket to keep you busy this weekend :

FSX Mission : RDJ Simulation – FSX Top Gun Trains with Railworks 2 : German Railroads – Control Cars in Local Traffic Real aviation DVD : JustPlanes – Challenge Air Cargo 757-200PF […]

RDJ Simulation – FSX Operation Apache

“Climb aboard for a wild ride in Iraq and Afganistan in this action packed set of addon missions for Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration in an Apache attack helicopter.” wrote the missions author.

This mission package includes the Apache with a VC and effects, but you must have FSX Acceleration or Gold installed.


RDJ Simulation – FSX Mission CH46

The CH 46 sea knight helicopter widely used by US Marines goes into action in this vast addon for FSX.

The missions take you to several combat scenarios where you deliver everything from troops to MRE’s all while making your way through enemy fire. See the product page.


RDJ Simulation – FSX Mission F18

Fly the F18 in FSX, from Top Gun schools to actual war theaters where you fight MIGs.

Recruits must have FSX Gold or Acceleration, and then go here.