Razbam – MIG 19 3D Virtual Cockpit Preview

With only its 3D shapes, the 3D virtual cockpit of the MIG 19 in development at Razbam Studios is already looking impressive !

This will be a great addition to the growing Razbam catalogue at simMarket.

RDS – UUML Severka Airifield FSX P3D

As a first product from Russian Digital Simulations at simMarket, the scenery quality displayed is pretty high, and the technical features quite long !

For their launch, they chose to model UUML Severka Airifield, a little airport close to Moscow and Domodedovo airport. It comes with its custom ground polygon, a wide handcrafted terrain, and […]

FlyFreeStd – MIG 29K / SU-33 and carriers

FlyFreeStd conveniently combine Russian military aircraft and aircraft carriers. 2 Packages were recently released at simMarket, both for FSX : the Sukhoi SU-33 Flanker D, and the MIG-29 K.

With each package, comes a different ship that you can discover on the respective products pages.

AFS-Design – MIG-21 V2 FSX

The famous MiG-21 gets a new version 2 from AFS-Design team, exclusively made for FSX.

Among the new features, you will appreciate the new sound and animations, the virtual cockpit smoothness and the new textures too.

Drzewiecki Design – Moscow City XP

Believe in Drzewiecki Design experience when they design large cities sceneries, and make this new pack yours : Moscow City XP for X-Plane 10.

Of course, the Metropolitan area of the Russian capital is modelled in great detail with thousands of custom buildings, but there are also heliports and 7 lite airports included.


Flyreestd – Sukhoi SU-33 Flanker-D & MiG-29 K w/ Aircraft Carriers

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Flyreestd release 2 fantastic packages for FSX of the following Russian fighers : both Sukhoi SU-33 Flanker-D […]

Drzewiecki Design – UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X update 1.6

There is a new installer to download if you have the Russian scenery of UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X by Drzewiecki Design.

Uninstall your current scenery first, then update to the new version 1.6. The designers team announce “better performance, new runway, new terminal B and terminal D interior”. It’s now also compatible with FSX:SE and […]

Sokol in Russia – UHMM preview

If you want another Russian airport scenery, just wait a little more for UHMM Sokol release.

It will be published via Aerosoft for FSX and P3D, with nice terrain and surroundings simulation.

TSS – Ilyushin 76 soundset for FSX or FS2004

Turbine Sound Studios produced a new soundset, sold either for FS or FS2004.

The Russian military transport aircraft Ilyushin IL-76 receives realistic engines recordings, available at simMarket.

Virtavia – TU-22 Blinder FSX:SE

The Russian bomber began its service in the 1960’s. 50 years later, Virtavia provides their model of the TU-22 Blinder for FSX Steam Edition only.

The photoreal panel, the multiple animations and visual effects are some of the features that you can discover on the product page here.