ShortFinal Design – Salt Lake City Airport KSLC X-Plane

Yet another nice looking and major airport scenery for X-Plane 10/11 ! Salt Lake City Airport KSLC, Utah, USA comes from ShortFinal Design.

And the makers knew how to design an attractive product, look what we’ve got : “Animated airport vehicles (GroundTraffic), Animated jetways and custom Docking Guidance System (DGS) with Autogate plugin, HDR night […]

Pacific Islands Simulation – KSLC Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City and its airport KSLC are available in a single scenery package here. Read carefully the PC system requirements and recommendations for the best use.

You can also check the current catalogue of Pacific Islands Sim at simMarket.

Pacific Islands Sim – Salt Lake City in Beta

Highly awaited, Salt Lake City airport scenery of Pacific Islands Sim enters in Beta test this week, announced the developers.

Their latest preview post gives a very good and wide guess of their product look, both from inside the airport and close to the jetways, and from the surrounding views with all the terrain […]

Pacific Islands Simulation – KSLC Development update

After some personal health troubles, PacSim announce that KSLC Salt Lake City project is back on the track : see their Facebook screens.

In their previous posts, we have been able to guess the level of details in the airport itself with nice looking custom ground textures, realistic buildings and volumetric grass. Now we […]

Pacific Islands Simulation – KSLC Preview pics

Salt Lake City KSLC is clearly an awaited project from Pacific Islands Simulation, and the new preview screenshots the group posted may help the simmers to wait !

Different views including the control tower and the parking full of detailed 3D cars, or an heliport on a building roof can be loaded through their Facebook […]

Pacific Islands Simulation – KSLC preview

Pacific Islands Simulation is still working on the major airport of Utah, USA, I mean Salt Lake City KSLC.

As explained in the Facebook comments below this preview shot, the designers have also upgrded the downtown city with custom buildings and ground texture.


Pacsim Salt Lake City KSLC In Full Swing

Pacific Island Simulations have released a gallery of previews showcasing their upcoming project; Salt Lake City. It sure looks amazing as can be seen with the dynamic reflections from P3D v3.2 being shown on the glass. It looks really impressive so far and I can’t wait to get KSLC in P3D. Keep up the […]

Pacific Island Simulations – Salt Lake City Previews!

Pacific Island Simulations have released a lovely set of previews of their upcoming Salt Lake City scenery. The 3 first building shots are close-up of the main concourse/through-way and the E-concourse gates. The 3 mountain shots show the entire Salt Lake basin which is the product coverage area. The ground work is super sharp […]

Pacsim – Salt Lake City Previews

Over on their Facebook page, Pacific Island Simulations have released 5 new previews showcasing the autogen work at the moment in addition to a slight preview of the ground textures and airport buildings. Keep in mind the buildings and ground texture are going to change as they are just some of the early steps.


Pacific Island Simulations – Salt Lake City Initial Previews

Pacific Island Simulations, Or Pacsim for short have released some initial previews of Salt Lake City! SLC is planned to have custom photo satellite for all seasons, with night lighting (3D street lights), autogen matching real-world city grids, and an all-new Salt Lake City buildings and all major landmarks. Awesome!

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