Jersey Airport from UK2000

Gary Summons of UK2000 Scenery has been busy again and this time the result is Jersey Airport (JER/EGJJ) in the Channel Islands, Dependencies of the United Kingdom, just off the coast of Northern France.

Situated just outside the islands’ capital, St. Helier, the airport is mainly serviced by tourist traffic on a seasonal basis, but [...]

TropicalSim’s SBRJ now cross-platform

The 2014 version of TropicalSim‘s SBRJ – Santos-Dumont in Rio de Janeiro (SDU/SBRJ) – has been released, now including support for Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D, in addition to MS FSX and FS2004.

Each of the versions is compiled using the respective SDK tools, has a photoreal backdrop with autogen, is compatible with both default and add-on meshes, [...]


Berlin Brandenburg Airport, ICAO: EDDB, is an international airport under construction. It is located adjacent to the current Berlin Schönefeld Airport which is in Schönefeld, Germany approximately 18 kilometres south of Berlin, the capital of Germany.

This new airport is intended to replace both Schönefeld and Berlin Tegel Airports, and to become the single [...]

SBuilderX for 64-bit Windows Systems

Luis Sá has just released an updated 64-bit version of the widely used and useful development tool SBuilderX. Users will have no more RAM constraints and this new version includes a comprehensive list of new features. It works with FSX and P3D2.

Read the list of changes and get this new version of SBuilderX at [...]

Miami added to Ultra-Res Cities line

Miami is the latest addition to PCAviator’s MegaScenery Earth Ultra-Res Cities line-up available from simMarket.

The usual approximately 5000 square miles, matching the terminal area chart for the city’s airports, is covered in 50cm/pixel native resolution ground textures and is, of course, fully compatible with the Florida state scenery from the same developer. See more [...]

Nuvecta add Islands and more States

Alongside Delaware and Michigan, Nuvecta have taken their Treeline North America series of foliage coverage for FSX/P3D outside the Continental United States, adding Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands coverage, as well.

Each package is designed to sit atop photoreal scenery and add depth and realism by adding trees based on USGS data. Click [...]

Greece gets “Night Environment” coverage

Chris Bell’s “Night Environment” lighting system, published by Aerosoft, has added Greece to the list of covered nations and states.

The Mediterranean country has all major and many minor roads shown by night lighting covering the entire country, with configuration options depending on performance and compatible with almost any texture, landclass or photoreal scenery set [...]

Belfast City from Eiresim

Belfast’s second airport has been known by many names over the years; Shorts, Harbour, Sydenham… These days it is named for one of the city’s most famous sons, as George Best Belfast City Airport (EGAC/BHD).

The airport forms the first release for Northern Ireland from Eiresim, set atop 50cm/pixel photoreal textures, with highly detailed custom [...]

Houston, we have photoreal scenery

The latest “Ultra-Res City” from MegaScenery Earth is Houston in the US’s Lone Star State, Texas.

As usual, there are around 7,000 square miles of scenery at a native 50cm/pixel, covering the same are as the terminal area chart. An image of the area covered, as well as further information, can be found on [...]

Ultra-Res Chicago, ready to explore

Many simmers will remember Chicago as being, for years, the starting point of the Microsoft Flight Simulator flight. See that picture above? There’s what was Meigs Field at the top, slightly right of centre. We won’t go into the politics of that on the front page.

What you can do, however, is fly over [...]