OMSI Bus and Bridge! simulators boxed

The boxed products sales are still enough important so the publishers have a physical product beside the download option. Actually, this can happen when the product is (or should become) popular to cover at least the production costs of the first boxes produced.

Aerosoft think it’s the case in OMSI Omnibus Simulator, and Bridge!, now […]

Layernet – Simulators

Layernet has – again – more driving and machines experiences to suggest you to simulate : snowcat, towing, or woodcutting.

They even have a Truck racing game in its singular and old 1990’s style.

Who Needs Flight Simulator Anyway ??

…. if you can run an entire farm, or excavate a strip mine, or learn to hoist heavy loads!? That’s right, with Astragon’s various simulators (Farm Simulator, Mining Simulator, Garbage Truck Simulator or Crane Simulator) you can get away from the flightsim for awhile and do some ‘fun simming’. Prerequisite is that you […]