New releases round-up

As some of you may have noticed, there were a few technical issues last night with the simFlight sites, one of the results of which was that the releases round-up got delayed… With over 20 products released in the last 48 hours, rather than make today’s post fill everyone’s browser pages, we’ll cut back a [...]

Skydesigners – French Airbase 126 Solenzara

Skydesigners sells a new French Airbase : #126 Solenzara. It had to be in Corsica with such name.

To get you in the military environment, more than the photoreal terrain, handplaced vegetation and custom buildings, the author adds numerous objects like static vehicles, and aircraft to populate the parking positions.


Skydesigners add training AWACS base

Avord‘s Airbase 702 “Capitaine Georges Madon” can be found almost exactly in the centre of France and is the second largest air force base in the country.

As Avord is home to the Embraer EMB-121 ‘Xingu’s of School of Transport Aviaton 00/319 and the E-3F AWACS aircraft of 00/36, static aircraft representing both types are [...]

Skydesigners Airbase 118

Mont de Marsan is the setting for Skydesigners‘ latest French Air Force base scenery, featuring Airbase 118 “Colonel Rozanoff” for FSX.

With static models of aircraft stationed at the facility, ground personnel, vehicles as well as photorealistic textures blended to fit to the background scenery and numerous other features, this could well be a good [...]

Skydesigners – French Airbase #107 Villacoublay and #709 Cognac

You just can’t land your Typhoon or Rafale at Paris Charles de Gaulle ! Your trip must start from a military airbase and Skydesigners have new detailed locations in France for you.

Well, you can land an A330 to simulate French Presidency flights at the French Airbase #107 Villacoublay, also used for foreign authorities flights.


Skydesigners – French Military Airbase BA 115 Orange

The French military airbases collection keeps beeing completed by Skydesigners.

Their new release depict the airbase #115 and named Orange Caritat in the South of France between Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence.

SkyDesigners – French Airbase 102 Dijon

Pilots in lack of military airbases may have an eye at the latest SkyDesigners production, Dijon the French Airbase #102.

Like their previous titles, all buildings are modeled and placed over photoreal textures among 3D details and vehicles.

Skydesigners – French Airbase 701 Salon de Provence

Following their French military bases sceneries collection, Skydesigners brings on the market Salon de Provence, Airbase 701.

In the South of France, the Air School for fighters and transporters pilots stands there, as well as the Patrouille de France. All of that are accurately depicted with photoreal textures on terrain and buildings, static objects and [...]

Skydesigners – French Airbase 705 Tours Val-De-Loire

Add a military airbase to your FSX sceneries collection thanks to Skydesigners.

This one is located in the North West part of France, near Tours, where you will find photoreal day and night textures on buildings, but also autogen trees and buildings accurately placed.