JustTrains – LNER K4 Advanced

New in stock, the LNER K4 Advanced is a complete product for Train Simulator 2016 with steam locos, tenders and coaches, to drive on an English route, between Carlisle and Glasgow, following the included scenarios or the quick-drive enabled mode.

The full pack details of JustTrains can be found at simMarket before you purchase.


Dovetail Games – Flight School review

Many people reading this will be long time flight simmers who knows the ins and outs of their simulators and their favourite aircraft. If you’re in this group, you’re not really part of the target audience for Dovetail Games Flight School. But for the sake of those who are in the target audience, or […]

Airport Madness 3D – Coming to Steam May 25th

Airport Madness 3D was originally released on PC via their web store about a week ago. Today BigFatSimulations have posted a link to the Steam page, which includes a countdown to when the purchase unlocks on the 25th May. If you wish to purchase Airport Madness 3D directly from themselves then you can do […]

Taburet – Night 3D: Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia

Lights, Lights Everywhere! Night 3D offers an updated version as an alternative to your current night lighting package. The latest countries to be added is Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia; All in 1 package. The countries mentioned above are now available on simMarket in addition to their multiple other packages available on their page.



Peppercorn A2 joins TS2015 stock

If you were (or are) a child growing up in the UK, then the name “Blue Peter” means a TV programme that’s probably older than your parents. For rail enthusiasts, however, it’s a Peppercorn Class A2 “Pacific” express steam loco – which is also now available for Train Simulator 2015 from Dovetail Games, in […]

TS2015 joins “March Madness” sale

If you’re missing some stock or routes to run activities you’d like to in Train Simulator 2015, many of the add-ons (“DLC”) for the sim are currently included in the Steam annual “March Madness” sale with savings of between 50% and 85%, depending on what you get. The sim itself is currently at 85% […]

Dangerous Approaches on Midland Mainline?!

Dovetail‘s rapid release schedule is hitting again, with both a Flight Simulator and Train Simulator add-on released within the last two days.

The Train Sim add-on, to deal with that quickly, is the British “Midland Mainline” or, as usual, part of it – from London St. Pancras to Bedford. The 55 mile route can be […]

Discover Great Britain for FSX:SE

The “Discover” series of packages by First Class Simulations have a stranglehold on the FSX Steam Edition available DLC right now and the latest, Discover Great Britain, has now been released, including a series of flights and a little Auster J.1 Autocrat, pictured above.

You can find the package here at Steam for FSX:SE […]

Dovetail Games release news

Dovetail Games have announced two releases today, one for Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition and one for Train Simulator 2015.

The FSX:SE release is First Class Simulations’ Discover Arabia through Steam (also available for both SE and non-SE pilots here at simMarket), providing a SeaRey amphibian and a series of flights in the Middle East’s […]

FSX: Steam Edition to be updated

On the FSX Steam Edition Facebook page, Dovetail Games have announced that a new update will be “coming soon” to the new update of the sim.

“This update resolves several issues reported to us by the FSX: Steam Edition community and will be automatically applied to your software via the Steam […]