Carenado – S340 Preview Update

The Saab 340 in development at Carenado workshop has already amazing models both exterior and interiors.

Their latest Facebook post features a preview including the passengers cabin and the virtual cockpit.

Carenado – S360 Project

Carenado announce another project entering production for P3D and FSX this year : the S360.

Manufactured by Short Brothers in Northern Ireland, the turboprop was created in the end of 1980’s.

Carenado – F50 Preview Update

The prolific designers group Carenado uploaded another bunch of updated preview pics of the beautiful Fokker F50 for FSX and P3D.

We’ll get again nice visuals of the exterior body, the virtual cockpit and the passengers cabin too.

Carenado – Do 228-100 HD Series XP11

It’s easy to recognize its protuberant nose, and you will be able to count the rivets on it with the new Carenado model for X-Plane 11 in their HD Series.

The Do 228-100 comes from the former German manufacturer Dornier that launched the aircraft in 1982.

FS2Crew – Majestic Q400 64Bit Edition

It’s required if you want to combine FS2Crew airline crew management simulation and Majestic Q400 in P3D v4 : the new 64Bit Edition of FS2Crew is now ready.

The Canadian based company converted their code to the new 64 bit programming. In the new product, you also get now directly added the Global Flight Officer […]

Majestic Software – Q400 for P3D4 Available Now

The numerous pilots of the very advanced and realistic simulation Dash 8 Q400 by Majestic Software can now enjoy their beauty in Prepar3D V4 too : available now at simMarket.

Both Pilot and Pro versions are ready. This last one is completed with more features like advanced sound system, autopilot TCS mode, shared cockpit, headup […]

Carenado – F50 Preview

“Work in progress” mentions Carenado in their post showing off the exterior model of their F50 currently in development.

Fokker designed this turboprop and then produced it between mid-80’s and 1997 in order to take down the old F27 by seriously upgrading the aerodynamism efficiency and the avionics.


Majestic Software – Q400 P3D V4 Details

Majestic Software is getting prepared for the P3D V4 release of their popular Dash 8 Q400, Pilot and Pro Editions.

If you missed their Facebook post relating the upgrade plan, all details are already set and public : it’s here.


PMDG – Jetstream 41 P3D Preview

PMDG team announce the development of the Jetstream 41 adaptation for P3D.

The turboprop aircraft is a common reason for some simmers to maintain FSX still installed.

Carenado – B200 King Air HD Series X-Plane 11

If like me you have much affection for the B200 King Air, then Carenado have now a very good solution to put your hands on its yoke and fly in X-Plane skies.

Expect very high quality in the 3D shapes, high definition in the textures and especially with PBR features for the latest generation visual […]