Pottier P130UL “Bleu Citron” for X-Plane

Amongst the many interesting designs that have resulted from the ever expanding fixed-wing ultralight/microlight market is the French Pottier P130UL – now made available, with the assistance of an owner and the original blueprints, by Hydroz for X-Plane 9.70+ and 10.

The package includes a switchable gear model, from tricycle to taildragger configuration, with checklists, […]

Iris releases the Jabiru

Earlier today, Iris Simulations announced the release of their Jabiru J-160 fixed-wing Ultralight for MS FSX and L-M P3D.

Featuring a Dynon D10 style EFIS, sounds recorded from the real aircraft, a flight model tested by real world Jabiru pilots and instructors, plus an in-simulator aircraft manager for visual components, this little 100kt aircraft could […]

Aerosoft forum freebie!

Are you registed for Aerosoft‘s forums and fancy a little bit of fun in FSX? The developer responsible for their Falcon microlight, Dave Rowberry, has produced a Mitchell Wing, which has been made available to registered forum members.

To get the aircraft simply sign in to the forums and there’s a release post right at […]

Aerosoft — American Aerolites Falcon update v1.10

All pilots are not looking for complexity, or not all the time at least.

After the DA20-100 Katana 4X release, Aerosoft updates to version 1.10 the American Aerolites Falcon, launched in last november. It’s a simple and noisy light aircraft.

Aerosoft releases the first high end ultralight for FSX

Aerosoft presents their latest release, and they do it better with their own words than mines : “The new Add-on called American Aerolites Falcon is available as a download now.

The Aerolites Falcon is a rather special beast. The canard wing makes the flying experience very much like a fighter where you point the nose […]

Aerosoft Online – American Aerolites Falcon

Experience the ultra light sensations with the new release of Aerosoft the American Aerolites Falcon.

Flying with “harsh and nasty” noise, enjoy the different liveries and feel vibrations.

Whoopy Fly Video

Here’s an unusual little aircraft, designed by a Swiss company and costing only about $ 12.000. It folds up in the trunk of your car and takes off from any small flat field that you can find. The contraption is aptly called WhoopyFly ! More info here.


Tecnam P92 For X-Plane

We reported about its existence before, but now it is also available to simMarket customers. The X-Plane ultralight Tecnam P92 by DMAX. “….. The P92 is an advanced microlight, two-seater side by side, single strut braced, high wing aircraft. The plane outstanding performance and flying qualities together with low operating costs, easy piloting […]

New Ultralight Being Born

Here’s something taken from a blog I found….. the blog of James Wiebe from Wichita to be exact. “…. Wichita, Kansas-based aviation enthusiast and entrepreneur James Wiebe and his wife, Kathy, have acquired the production rights to a previously designed aircraft, the Kitfox Lite, and formed a new business entity, Belite Aircraft, to […]