TOGA Projects – ENVshade P3D

At the top sellers list since release, ENVshade P3D is an automatic and easy tool to tweak the shaders in P3D v4/v3, for the best visual results without any knowledge requirement.

TOGA Projects makers didn’t want their users to spend more time looking for a shader preset, or to test and revise again their […]

Flight Control Replay P3D v4.1 Optimized

The tool of Fabio Merlo made to ease the recording of flight sim videos received a new update : Flight Control Replay algorithm has been optimized for P3D v4.1.

New optimized algorithm for PlayASAI feature and standard Replay enhancement that increase performance in P3D v4.1 have been implemented in the new version of Flight Control […]

FWS – Super Traffic Board V3 FOR P3D V3-V4

Flying W Simulation‘s Super Traffic Board is now compatible with P3D V4 too. It displays real time flights information of your AI traffic schedules.

It can work with many AI traffic addons and custom made traffic too, and you can even install it on another network PC.


FlightSim Commander Version 9.6 for P3D v4

The numerous users of FlightSim Commander will be able to use their favorite flight planner and moving map with P3D v4, thanks to the latest update.

You can upgrade from version 9.6 revision 8 to the version 9.6 revision 9 with just the necessary files found here. And you will also need FSUIPC 5 […]

Flight Control Replay Pro V3.5 FSX P3D (v2-v4)

Fabio Merlo announce the availability of the new version 3.5 of his tool Flight Control Replay Professional Edition, now compatible with P3D v4.

That’s not all, as he also added new useful features following users requests. PlayAsAI, PlayMode Simulation Rate to change the speed of the video : 2x, 4x, Slow, or Fast, and […]

Free : SIMconfigBackup FSX P3D v1/v4 FS9

At Peter Rosendahl‘s website, you can find an updated version of his freeware tool SIMconfigBackup to allow you to save the important configuration files of many simulators, up to P3D v4.

An English and German user manual as PDF file can guide you in the different menus of the software.


TOGA Projects – ENVTEX Service Pack 1 Open Beta

First major update for ENVTEX, the environment textures set of TOGA, it installs a new user interface, enhanced aurora borealis effects and P3D v4 support among others.

It’s not the definitive version of the Service Pack 1, but you can already give it a test.


FSUIPC 5 Announced for P3D v4

The incoming version 4 of Prepar3D will need a new module from Pete Dowson.

His FSUIPC tool is a pure 32bit mode that is not compatible with the 64bit architecture of P3D v4. So there will be a new module FSUIPC 5, not an upgrade from FSUIPC 4, and it needs time to be coded […]

ActiveSky for P3D V4

As popular as it is efficient, Active Sky for P3D V4 fully integrated with enhanced visibility depiction and turbulence effect will come as a free update for all registered customers of the current Active Sky 2016 P3D.

That’s not all, the environment and textures pack Active Sky Cloud Ard will also receive a free […]

Flight Control Replay Professional Edition v3.5 coming soon

Record and replay your flight simulation performace in an easy manner using voice recognition, a hardware button as a record button trigger.

The author Fabio Merlo has started on the next version of Flight Control Replay Professional Edition v3.5 that will add two main features ; PlayAsAI to record a video from an AI aircraft […]