Vidan Design – Aalborg EKYT design progress

In development for a few weeks already, another screenshots series of Aalborg EKYT in Denmark show the latest custom buildings reproduced by Vidan Design.

Their products are perfect for pilots in need of sweet little airports with the best textures.

Vidan Design – Aalborg Tower Preview

Among the Scandinavian sceneries, Aalborg EKYT is a future product from Vidan Design that will fit your needs of regional and detailed airports using detailed textures.

To be more complete Aalborg is also used for military purpose.

Vidan Design – Aalborg Airport Preview

With his experience of Danish airfields and airports, Vidan Design knows well how to capture the authenticity of the buildings style, especially with the textures.

He’s now working on Aalborg airport buildings : the hotel, and now the Ground Handling office.


Freeware : Vidan Design – Aarhus Airport X v1.4

Vidan Design released their gift to the flight sim community with the new version of the freeware Aarhus Airport X v1.4 (EKAH), supporting now P3D V4. Aarhus is the second most important city of Denmark.

Known as makers of various payware sceneries for Denmark, you can browse the complete catalogue of Vidan Design at simMarket. […]

Vidan Design Danish Airfields X – Randers & Herning FSX P3D

Complete your Danish Airfields X series in P3D V4 with the latest entries at simMarket from Vidan Design who made again accurate airports renditions using high resolution and photoreal textures.

Discover Randers EKRD and Herning EKHG.


Danish Airfields X – Saeby P3D v4 Update

Sæby Ottestrup is a little airfield in the North of Denmark, completely reproduced by Vidan Design among the Danish Airfields X series.

The author announced that if you like to mix the beauty of their design with the top notch simulator Prepar3D V4, the scenery is now compatible with it.

Vidan Design – Aalborg X First Preview

At a very early stage development, Vidan Design posted the screenshot of the first building modelled and textured for their project of Aalborg X, EKYT. It’s an airport located in the North of Denmark.

Vidan Design – Real Denmark X – Zealand FSX P3D

Once installed, Vidan Design Zealand scenery needs 9.14 Gb on your hard disk.

The whole Zealand, the main Eastern island of Denmark including Copenhagen before Øresund bridge to Malmö in Sweden, is covered with photoreal textures at 1.0m per pixel, and even 0.60m per pixel for Copenhagen area.



Vidan Design – Danish Airfields X Sindal v1.6

In Northern Jutland region of Denmark, Sindal EKSN scenery by Vidan Design is a very detailed rendition of this airport, now also compatible with P3D V4.

The major update version 1.6 is free for all registered users. Learn more at simMarket.

Vidan Design – Sønderborg X v1.7

Among the Danish sceneries of Vidan Design , Sønderborg X goes to version 1.7. Its latest update makes it “now compatible with ORBX FTX Germany North and can be installed in P3Dv4.”.

I recommend if you like islands, and airfields modelled with custom and photoreal objects.