Bill Stack’s weather video tutorial

Bill Stack from Topskills has issued a Press Release, announcing the release of his latest FS video guide, covering the weather features of the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise.

“Do you want to simulate flight in realistic environments?

Do you want to precisely control the weather in your simulations?

Have you avoided the Weather option it [...]

Tromso Video Teaser

Aerosoft‘s upcoming Tromso X scenery is the subject of the not-so-short video above, posted by JerdooFlightX at the publisher’s forums.

To see the ongoing discussion about the scenery, the preview thread can be found here.

Just Planes Trans Maldivian DHC-6 Blu-Ray

It’s a marvellous place where we’re travelling with the latest Blu-Ray video of Just Planes.

Thanks to Trans Maldivian airways, we have our seat booked to fly to the paradisiac islands of the Indian Ocean onboard the De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter, with floaters of course. Unique views and multiples cameras set, including view [...]

Master ILS Approaches on the B737NGX

Ralph Freshour has posted in the PMDG forum at Avsim a series of YouTube videos with very instructive tutorials on Ralph´s Basics Boot Camp Series “How To Fly A Perfect ILS”.

Videos 1 and 2 are Ground School basics on how to correctly set up for the ILS approach.

Videos 3 and 4 are PMDG [...]

Navigraph – New video tutorials

Navigrpah have a new set of tutorial videos to demonstrate how to perform standard departure and approach procedures.

Filmed by VideoFlyRec, they use and explain the airport charts so that you fly like real pilots the following : Dubai SID-30R, Glasgow VOR-05, Orlando VOR-18L MISAP, Rotterdam VOR-06, and Menorca VOR-19R.

The videos can be [...]

A2A Cherokee/Skyhawk Comparison Video

Over at the A2A Simulations forums, here, the team have published this latest video from company head Scott Gentile, showcasing the PA-28 Cherokee aircraft, with a number of comparisons between it and equivalent aircraft such as the high-wing C172 Skyhawk.

As A2A’s last release was the Accu-Sim C172S [...]

The Making of….

Seat comfortably, grab a cup of coffee and watch these two amazing time-lapse videos showing the building through first flight of Southwest Airlines’ 73 “Florida One” and the preparation of LOT Polish Airlines Embraer 175 “RetroJET” livery. Truly awesome!

Master the Q400

Airline2sim has just released a full HD footage of Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 training program that gives a comprehensive insight into flying this aircraft. Based on Majestic´s Q400, Airline2Sim Q400 Cadet Training is a 10 part course consisting of 398 minutes of HD video tutorials that addresses every switch and button inside the [...]

Just Planes SATA Blu-Ray A310 A320 Q400

More than the kind of views and the airline, I think that the aircraft types and the destinations are the most relevant infos for any customer of a real aviation Blu-Ray video.

In this one, you’ll fly onboard Airbus A310 and A320 liners but also the Dash 8 Q400 between Portugal and Boston (USA) [...]

Topskills ATC for IFR Video

This video from Topskills covers the use of the default MS FS ATC when operating under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in the simulator.

At just under half an hour in length, it covers a number of topics from initial clearance through to the end of the flight and [...]