Seen An Aircraft You Don’t Recognize?

Then surely you need Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft, latest edition. It is THE standard in aviation reference publications of course. Maybe a bit unfortunate that it is somewhat out of reach for possibly the largest market, i.e. aviation hobbyists. With a $ 3300+ price tag for the download version, we are not […]

Is Flight Simulation On The Decline??

Have you noticed too lately that the top selling products on simMarket (and elsewhere, I bet) are NOT flight simulator related anymore? Is everybody turning into simulated farmers and demolition guys these days? And no, I am NOT going to tell you about the chess program now on simMarket! Anyway, for those none-flyers […]

Pacific Island Simulation Website Renewal

Graham Michaels of Pacific Island Simulation would like you to know that “….. In conjunction with the imminent release of Ingalls Field (KHSP), Pacific Islands Simulation wish to announce latest major overhaul of its website. The site was redesigned and contents rearranged to make it more technically user-friendly, clean and visually appealing. This […]

WW2 Bombers Land At Boeing Field

If you have a chance to visit Seattle in the weekend of June 25-28, then don’t miss this! The “Wings of Freedom’ flight, consisting of the Collings Foundation’s Boeing B-17G and a Consolidated B-24J, will be showing off that weekend. For a small fee visitors can tour the aircraft inside and there even […]

Sporty’s Father Day Proposal

Sporty’s Pilot Shop is one of the US’s main mail order pilot supplies companies. But many of their products can also be interesting for armchair pilots. How about the series of Air Facts Videos for instance? Sporty now offers all 35 titles on 9 DVD’s in one buy, with a hefty discount. Titles […]

Matrox PowerDesk 4.0 Software

Stephen Choi of the Canadian Matrox today announced “…… the release of the Matrox PowerDesk 4.00 display driver for M-Series graphics cards operating under Microsoft Windows 7. The newest driver features stretched desktop mode to span applications across all displays, while introducing Desktop Zoom to view a pre-selected region on a dedicated feature […]

Vertigo Studios’ P-26 Hawk

Vertigo Studios released yet another old aircraft for FSX. “….. The Curtiss P-36 Hawk, also known as the Curtiss Hawk Model 75, was a U.S.-built fighter aircraft of the 1930s. A contemporary of the Hawker Hurricane and Messerschmitt Bf 109, it was one of the first of a new generation […]

Free Tool From DBS

DBS Studio from Russia mentions they are offering a free tool to the simmers. For lack of a more catching name it is called ‘DBS Recent Aircraft tool for Flight Simulator 2004’. There! According to DBS it offers an “…. easy way to select recently used aircraft without tedious selection through the simulator […]

Carenado’s FS2004 C185F Skywagon

Carenado have released their much requested C185F SKYWAGON for FS2009. It has a “….. Polygon-optimized model , friendly fps, original HQ digital stereo sounds recorded from the original aircraft. Eyecandy: wheel chocks, bag & package, pitot cover, sights prop and tiedown ropes. It comes with four different paint schemes and […]

Free Space Flight Simulator Released

Here’s an interesting press release from Dr. Martin Schweiger of the University College of London, where they have developed a PC Space Flight Simulator that can be freely downloaded. “….. Orbiter Space Flight Simulator, 2010 Edition has been released to the public today. Orbiter enables users to experience the challenges and views […]