TS2016 Now available

Of course the release didn’t go to play – did anyone actually expect it to? After some trials, tribulations, at least one false start and some prodding by Valve, Dovetail Games Train Simulator 2016 is now available to download and play.

Existing users will get small upgrades; some UI changes, a better search function […]

Aerosoft “Thunder” gets TacPacked

A new “Major Update” newly released for the Aerosoft English Electric Lightning brings the package to version 2.0, adding support for VRS TacPack, plus a number of other updates and additions.

The TacPack integration includes support for both missiles and guns, as well as adding a radar screen and collimating the HUD. Fixes and […]

KCFS Seabee: A ‘Splash and Dash’, or one to keep?

The KCFS Seabee isn’t a new release. It’s actually quite an old one. So why review it now? Well, frankly, because I only just got it. There’s also the fact that the aircraft is a fairly new release on Steam as DLC (DownLoadable Content – what most people just call “add-ons”!) so it’s “new” […]

Simming on the Go: Round 2

While everyone has been complaining about the lack of recent “FS next” releases, there have been not one, but two updated releases for the mobile simming market – both of which are considerable improvements over their predecessors.

While the high-end FS crowd will still decry the mobile sims as being “games”, rather than “sims”, the […]

FSX Scenery designer? SODE it!

One of the biggest disappointments with FSX for scenery designers, when the sim was released umpteen-and-a-few years ago, was the fact that ACES neglected to include something called “conditional animations”. That means nothing to most people, but if I said “opening hangar doors“, “custom windsocks“, “piles of snow” and “this product is […]

Aerosoft’s Paro to challenge your skills

Paro in Bhutan (VQBR/PBH) is considered by many to be “the most dangerous airport in the world”. While that may be open to debate, it is certainly one that will test your piloting skills to the maximum, with no visual or radio approach aids and a winding […]

Simming the 75th Anniversary

With the well known phrase that “history is written by the victors”, we don’t tend to mention anniversaries of military events here on simFlight… We’d rather not have the politics involved with them, thanks. However, there’s a good reason to mention the events that started this week 75 years ago, because there are some […]

RIP Tom Allensworth

Following the recent announcement that he was terminally ill, we are sad to have to pass on the news that Avsim founder Tom Allensworth passed away this morning.

One of the longest serving members of the flight sim community, active on message and bulletin boards before many people even knew the internet existed, Tom has […]

SCS release Blender Tools

Visitors to FSDeveloper may already be aware of the work being done by capt_x and numerous supporters/testers to bring us the ability to create Microsoft FSX add-ons using the Open-Source (free) Blender CAD/rendering package. Well now SCS, developers of the Truck Simulator series of titles, have also released the first part of their own […]

Aerosoft offer an “Adrenaline” rush

Any child of the 80s is already humming the Airwolf tune after seeing that image above, but although it’s not Hawke and Santini you’ll be playing in Flight Tales II for MS FSX, Aerosoft do hope that it’ll get your adrenal glands working overtime.

The add-on comprises 16 missions including combat training, rescue, fights […]