MegaScenery Earth V3 – Wyoming FSX P3D

The Wyoming US state now makes part of MegaScenery Earth new generation sceneries for FSX P3D.

The entire territory is included, border to border, as long as the official FAA charts as PDF files.

Aeroplane Heaven – Vickers VC-10 Gear Animation Video

Do you agree with me that Aeroplane Heaven and a Classic airliner addon would be a winning combination ?

Now remember they are working on the Vickers VC-10 model and try to be patient ! And here’s a rendered video of the front gear animation.


Drzewiecki Design – Seattle City X Preview

The modelling work is going the right way at Drzewiecki Design‘s workshop. Look at Seattle City X early preview with its Space Needle.

Their latest product at simMarket is Washington X.

RealWorld Scenery – New Asian Sceneries

More Asian products expand the HD photoreal collection of RealWorld Scenery. In both 3D Guam Saipan Tinian Islands and Hong Kong & Shenzen, the packages also include vegetation and buildings placed according to GIS data.

Golden Age – Ryan B-5 Brougham FSX FSXSE P3D

Back to the early aviation times, when an airliner was a single engine aircraft, able to transport 5 or 6 passengers.

Golden Age latest product brings the Ryan B-5 Brougham to FSX and P3D world with a full 3D virtual cockpit and accurate sounds among other features.

Airworthy Designs – TNCM Project for X-Plane

As you will see, today we have various news that will interest X-Plane pilots.

After SPSO Pisco in Peru, the current project run by Airworthy Designs is to depict the very famous Caribbean airport of TNCM Princess Juliana on Saint Maarten Island.

Taburet – Night XP California Nevada X-Plane 10/11

Your nocturnal flights will look different in X-Plane 10 and 11 when you install the night textures with cities and roads illuminations.

In the Night XP series from Taburet, this title covers both California and Nevada US states.

CPFlight – New 737 MCP Pro v2 And More

Manufactured by CPFlight, the well known MCP 737 Pro is now arrived in stock in its new version 2.

Among the components, new Swiss made encoders, light sensor and the custom made pushbuttons reach a very high level of accuracy in the replica accuracy of the Mode Control Panel. Check out their other products […]

Aeroplane Heaven – Curtiss C46 Commando Preview

For the first time, Aeroplane Heaven designers reveal the new project that is keeping them busy : the Curtiss C46 Commando.

Still without texture, just focus on the 3D model proportions and details.

FSX VR – For Oculus Rift

With an Oculus Rift virtual reality mask, FSX-VR will interface with FSX or P3D to track the aircraft.

Following the aircraft position during the flight, you’ll have a 360° view displayed in your Oculus Rift device.