Wing Creation Inc. – Nagasaki and Niigata update patch for P3Dv3

Wing Creation Inc. have released Nagasaki(RJFU) and Niigata(RJSN) update patch for P3D v3.

You can download the patchs from here.


Wing Creation Inc. – Mt. Fuji Shizuoka (RJNS) Released

Wing Creation Inc. has just released “Mt. Fuji Shizuoka (RJNS)”. The Japanese airport scenery include surroundings with mesh and Autogen, landmarks and nearby harbors.


FS Scenery Atelier – “Oita Airport for FSX” for free

FS Scenery Atelier have just released “Oita Airport for FSX” for free. it’s Japanese local airport.

Flying Chemist – Okayama Airport(RJOB) for free

Flying Chemist just released “Okayama Airport(RJOB)” for free


Flyer – Japanese Airport “Nakashibetsu” – RJCN for free

Flyer’s Jun released a Japanese Airport “Nakashibetsu” – RJCN for Free. RJCN is in the Hokkaido. it’s not far from Sakhalin(Ru: Сахалинская область)


Drzewiecki Design’s Headquarters(HQ)?

Drzewiecki Design‘s Headquarters(HQ)?


SUPER TRAFFIC BOARD V3 ready for Prepar3D v3

SUPER TRAFFIC BOARD V3 for Prepar3D. now ready for P3D v3.

Active Sky Next SP4 now Available

HiFi has released the Service Pack 4 for Active Sky Next. Intended for P3D / FSX / FSX:SE, you will get again a bunch of fixes and enhancements. Download here, or click here for full SP4 content info.

Various issues related with METAR interpretation for weather depiction, or related with the radar API are […]

Wing Creations Inc. – Niigata (RJSN) Released

You have been following the development via simFlight, and it’s now possible to try by yourself the Japanese airport of Wing Creations Inc. as they have just released Niigata(RJSN).

From the city with 3D objects added to the smallest details like the custom animated jetways, the motivations to make you purchase it are numerous. […]

FS Scenery Koubou released Japanese 3 Airports for Free

FS Scenery Koubou(Workshop)’s scherzo002 released Japanese 3 Airports for Free. these are for FSX. * upadate for English pages