MegaScenery Earth – Ultra-res City Phoenix

MegaScenery Earth Ultra-Res City PhoenixThe latest addition to complete the photoreal US cities with surroundings is Phoenix in Arizona.

All Ultra-res cities share the same features : aerial textures set at 50cm per pixel, and a set of PDF charts for the covered area is included.

Pacific IS : RJFU Nagasaki preview #2

pis_rjfu_nagasaki_preview_August_2014Things are going very well at Pacific Island Simulation workshop according to the latest and very nice looking preview pics of RJFU Nagasaki.

The Japanese airport of Pacific IS has plenty of details in and around it. I picked up a shot from the parking area, but the other side of the terminal with the jetways and ground equipments are really worth the visit.

Flysimware – Mosquito XE3

FlySimware_Mosquito_XE3The Mosquito XE3 is a homebuilt light helicopter invented in New Zealand. Now make its single seat yours in either FSX, P3D v1 or P3D v2 to enjoy the 3D gauges and self-shadow effect (DirectX 10), a Flysimware product.

FlyTampa – Copenhague project

FlyTampa Copenhague CPH airport preview2

While we are keeping an eye at the FlyTampa sceneries map to know when (and what) airport project they will unveil next, we’ll spend some time with them at Copenhaguen Kastrup EKCH.

The Danish airport is relatively close to down town, and it’s also the last land of Denmark you see before diving into the tunnel to Malmö in Sweden by drive. The designers of the airport show off three more preview screenshots “probably” the last series before release.

New pics of Aerosoft Tomcat F-14X

Aerosoft Tomcat preview August 2014

There are new pictures of the Tomcat F-14X project in Aerosoft previews forum. You can even load a screenshot of the Radar Intercepter Officer panel that will come added to the pilot panel.

Prepar3D v2.3 release out!


Prepar3D v2.3 is released out by Lockheed Martin.
and they also announced “several new and exciting features for Prepar3D v2.4“.
check out their developer blogs in the future.

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Freeware : Aarhus airport

Vidan Design - Aarhus freeware

Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark gets an updated version for its freeware airport FSX/P3D v2 scenery brought to the community by Vidan Design.

The author added that this new version will be appreciated thanks to its higher resolution and seasonal photoreal terrain, the new Autogen trees, and the more numerous aircraft shelters. See his complete message below.

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Exclusive sale of JustFlight – 146-200/300 Jetliner


simMarket is running an exlusive sale of the JustFlight 146-200/300 Jetliner only for this week until Sunday 17th : get your FSX download product for only EUR (6.00 vat excl.).

In the base product, you get already a complete package with two variants, working systems and nice features (operating doors, air stairs, etc). It can be complete with an optional expansion with more liveries and FMC. The British company has another expansion available on the market, it’s the 146-300QT for freight transport, including the specific model and 6 liveries.

Aircraft Factory Avro 504K

Aircraft Factory Avro 504

The famous Avro 504K has been developed by Aircraft Factory, specialists of war birds. And we go back to the First World War in FSX, to live the thrilling experience of a Royal Air Force pilot.

The 3D smooth gauge, all clickable virtual cockpit are keys to make it the most realistic possible. More details at simMarket.

Review of MILVIZ – BOEING 737-200C for FSX/P3Dv1

feature image

The Boeing 737 series aircraft is a short to medium-range twin-engine narrow-body jet airliner that also happens to be the best-selling jet airliner in the history of aviation. Milviz has chosen to recreate the 737-200c variant that originally entered service in April of 1968. In total 1010 of the 200s were built.

The 737-200c (Convertible) allowed the conversion between passenger and cargo use. An interesting capability of the 737-200, which is not shared with any other similarly-sized jet aircraft, is its ability to operate from unimproved or unpaved landing strips, such as gravel runways with the “gravelkit” modification installed. The aircraft can seat up to 136 passengers with a range of approximately 4,300 kms or 2,600 miles.

Even after more than 40 years some airlines still fly the 200 series jet.

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