FSTramp – P3D v2.2 compatible

FSTramp11Version 5.4 of Helge Schroeder‘s FSTramp navigation module is now available to download from major freeware sites, with the announcement from the developer that the latest version is now compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.2 as well as FSX SP2/Acceleration.

The time limited shareware application runs within FSX/P3D (not currently fullscreen compatible) and provides navigational information, plus an autopilot front-end and AI/MP aircraft visibility. For full information, visit the developer’s website.

King Abdul Aziz Airport from BDO Aviation

126077_Untitled-2Serving the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, BDO Aviation‘s latest release is King Abdul Aziz International Airport (OEJN/JED), located on the Saudi West Coast and principal gateway to the country for the annual Islamic Hajj Pilgrimage.

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Simulator World 05/2014

126138_Simulator_World_Magazin_5_2014_simmarket_edition_ENG-page-011The latest free Simulator World PDF magazine, 05/2014, is now available through simMarket.

The new issue includes articles on TS2014′s Riviera Line route and SLT Sprinter, radio control sim Aerofly RC7 (pictured above), Farming Simulator 2013 Official Expansion 2 and Aerosoft’s Mega Airport Dublin. Check here to ‘buy’ your copy for the princely sum of €0.00!

FTX NA Region Pack Updates

FTX_pacific_fjords_lThree of Orbx‘s North American area sceneries received updates at the weekend, with service packs available for Northern Rocky Mountains (NRM – SP4), Central Rockies (CRM – SP3) and Pacific Fjords (PFJ – pictured above – SP4).

The downloads for all three areas, which are currently only for FSX and P3D v1.4, can be found on the FTX Support page, here. On the Orbx forums, developer Ed Correia reports that installers for all three to work with P3D v2.2 will be released soon, including the service pack changes..

Flightsim Labs A320 VC

FlightSim Labs A320 VC Prev April 14Andrew Wilson of Fight Sim Labs posted new preview screenshots showing the virtual cockpit of their A3XX Master Series – A320.

According to the developer, their addon is “nearing completion” after 4 years of development.

TS2014 Munich Garmisch Partenkirchen preview

TS2014 Munich Garmisch Partenkirchen preview April 14

More and more of the old and loyal customers of MSTS expansions are getting into Train Simulator 2014 (Railworks) fashion, even if that means they’re not leaving at all the first train simulator released in early 2000′s.

It’s hard to resist any longer as the new products, routes and trains are really looking great, and even the driving sensations and controls are immersive. “Munich – Garmisch – Partenkirchen” is coming soon as a route expansion for TS 2014.

MegaScenery Earth Ultra Res City Charlotte

MegaScenery_Earth_HiRes_City_CharlotteThe growing collection of MegaScenery Earth Ultra Res City photoreal sceneries include now Charlotte.

The biggest city of North Carolina, USA, is now covered with high definition textures made of aerial views.

FlyTampa YSSY Sydney 1st preview

FlyTampa_YSSY_Preview01Pause your virtual flight a minute, and visit FlyTampa forum urgently. You’ll find there the first preview screenshots series of YSSY Sydney !

George Grimshaw posted views of the airport like you’ve never seen before in any sim until now.

SSG 747i updated with Service Pack 2

SSG_B748-I_18SSG‘s Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental for X-Plane 10 has been updated with a new service pack, by the developers.

Version 1.03 (Service Pack 2) brings a large number of changes and improvements, which can be found by clicking “Read More“. Read More →

FlightBeam KDEN HD Preview

FlightBeam_KDEN_prev_April_14FlightBeam Sudios keep up with stunning preview screens of the upcoming KDEN HD Denver Intl scenery. The combination of their air bridges model, with superb photoreal terrain textures really rocks.

Their news stream can be followed through Facebook, and their homepage URL is still http://www.flightbeam.net/.