Aerosoft – La Palma Professional P3D4

In Canary islands, La Palma GCLA airport becomes a Professional P3D4 product. The specific features of this new version will allow you to enjoy the scenery with optimized shadow and lighting effects, and all compiled with the latest 64bit SDK for the best performance.

Available only for P3D V4, get it now at simMarket.

FS2Crew – RAAS Professional P3D4 64 Bit

For P3D V4 only, the new version of FS2Crew RAAS Professional simulates the Honeywell system found onboard aircraft to annouce a runway crossing, the remaining length after landing among other features.

It’s intended to reduce accidents risks with aural alerts, avoiding runway incursions or other dangerous situations. RAAS module is already included in PMDG 777 and Aerosoft Airbus A320 family.

FS2Crew RAAS for P3D V2/V3, FSX and FS2004 is a separate product still available at simMarket.

Honeycomb Aeronautical – Bravo Throttle Quadrant Announced

Snakebyte Group present a new hardware unit to the flight simulation community : part of the Honeycomb products line, the Bravo Throttle System will be a single and multiengine throttle quadrant that will also include autopilot and annuciation panels.

Note that on each side, we’ll also find controls for the gear and the flaps. In the last development steps, the company expects to make it available until the end of this year 2017. Read More →

A1R Design Bureau – A1R CP-80 Racer FSX P3D

New in stock at simMarket, the CP-80 Racer is an impressive and beautiful racing aircraft, all made in wood and modelled by A1R Design Bureau.

Just a single seat, so the 3D gauges and the fully animated virtual cockpit is only yours, in P3D V4/V2 and FSX.

Aeroplane Heaven – Dunkirk Spitfire Preview

When Aeroplane Heaven reveal they have worked on a Spitfire project, these are exciting news to live the Battle of Britain.

The designers have based their reproduction on a specific aircraft with its own history that you can read here.

Homecockpit Software Suite For PMDG 737 NGX

In order to use the hardware modules of Opencockpit combined with the PMDG 737 NGX, you may need special software to ensure the communication.

RKSoftware is pleased to announce the new released OC4BAv4 homecockpit software suite that let you build a B737-600/700/800/900 home cockpit. All functions of the PMDG model can be controlled through Opencockpit units then. Read More →

FSXcenery – 1ST Pennsylvania Regional Airports Pack (4) FSX P3D

4 little airports of Pennsylvania are represented by FSXcenery for P3D V4/V3 and FSX.

All of them received photoreal terrain, Autogen objects and custom buildings.

GodZone – Real New Zealand Dunedin P3D V4 Compatible

Two airports with great features like SODE animations, a large photoreal region with custom Autogen and the whole thing in a marvellous landscape : that’s Real New Zealand series.

Real NZ Dunedin released one year ago by GodZone has now turned P3D V4 compatible so you can explore and enjoy it in the new generation flight sim. Version 1.40 ready for download !

Carenado – C172 Skyhawk G1000 Preview Video

Many pilots logged flight training hours in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, it’s an iconic and very popular aircraft.

Imagine that a as tremendously detailed model for our flight simulators, equipped with modern avionics glass display like the G1000, and designed by Carenado. Soon at simMarket.

Flight Sim World – Update 12 Online

Open Dovetail Games forum to find the detailed content of this Update 12 for Flight Sim World.

The Force Feedback ability has returned so you can activate the option if you don’t experience a crash at loading the sim. Still in early access, the flight sim can also receive the first payware DLC from Dovetail Games : Epic approaches, five scenarios with bird strike event for example.