FS2Crew – RAAS 64bit

Engineered by Honeywell, RAAS is the Runway Awareness and Advisory System that completes other safety and warning systems to make pilots aware of their runway localization, when they cross a runway, or after landing they hear the remaining length of the current runway etc.

FS2Crew simulates this equipment as a module you can easily install in any P3D v4 aircraft, even advanced airliners addons. It should be quickly prepared for PMDG 777 customers too who get it for free through PMDG updates.

Milviz – F-100D Super Sabre FSX P3D

The F-100D Super Sabre must be in your wishlist at simMarket if you like top notch military aircraft addons. And now even more if you use P3D v4 since Milviz just made it compatible.

Experience their new Milviz Aircraft Management Options for setting the startup options, the weapons loadout configuration live in the simulator, define aircraft specific controls etc. P3D v4 update at EUR 5 (vat excl.) if you purchased the previous version.

Jetstream Designs – P3D v4 Previews

Jetstream Designs is trendy, and seem to have finished the P3D v4 updates for their airports sceneries. They are not just made compatible, they receive new dynamic lights, native P3D ground polygons for the best visual effects and display performance, and all their airports will have animated jetways.

After a few days of  test, all these updates, free for the existing owners, will be ready for download shortly.

Carenado and Alabeo – P3D v4 Updates News

Carenado and Alabeo started to make the first P3D V4 updates for their large aircraft collection, in order to just make them compatible in the new flight simulator. Registered customers will be notified by the shop when it’s available, and your original serial key will remain the same with the new installer.

All these updates will be released for free, but should take a few months. The first batch of aircraft flyable in P3D v4 are the following : PA31T Cheyenne II, PA46 5000TP Malibu Meridian G1000 HD Series, DO228-100 HD Series, 500S Shrike Aero Commander HD Series, PC12 HD Series, E50P Phenom 100 HD Series.

JustSim – Barcelona El Prat LEBL P3D v4

The new version of Barcelona El Prat from JustSim is ready for P3D v4 pilots willing to take advantage of the dynamic lights : no more dark aircraft below the terminal lights at night !

If you want to update from the previous FSX/P3D version, there’s an update fee at the shop. Note that this product is only for P3D v4.

For FSX and P3D v2/v3, use this link.

Flight Sim Wold – Community Update v3

It has just been pushed live, the Community Update 3 for Flight Sim World adds Steam Workshop functionality to share free content with other simmers, and the developers also changed the lighing effects.

Free : SIMconfigBackup FSX P3D v1/v4 FS9

At Peter Rosendahl‘s website, you can find an updated version of his freeware tool SIMconfigBackup to allow you to save the important configuration files of many simulators, up to P3D v4.

An English and German user manual as PDF file can guide you in the different menus of the software.

Digital Design – EDDP Leipzig Halle Airport XP

Among the beautiful and detailed sceneries for X-Plane 11, Leipzig EDDP by Digital Design has to be considered as a serious option.

All featured items are photoreal and custom made, and they didn’t forget the ground vehicles to make you feel like in real life.

Flight Control Replay Pro V3.5 FSX P3D (v2-v4)

Fabio Merlo announce the availability of the new version 3.5 of his tool Flight Control Replay Professional Edition, now compatible with P3D v4.

That’s not all, as he also added new useful features following users requests. PlayAsAI, PlayMode Simulation Rate to change the speed of the video : 2x, 4x, Slow, or Fast, and MultiInstances.

Freeware : EDXE Scenery Rheine Eschendorf

Johannes Schuster and Jens Hicken remade their German scenery of EDXE Rheine Eschendorf, and it’s still freeware.

Now compatible with P3D v4 too, the grass runway airfield welcomes the virtual pilot with detailed buildings and objects, and even 3D animated people, smoke effects to produce a realistic and live environment. Click here to download the 540 MB zip file.