Ground Environment X North America 2.0

Flight1 - GEX North America 2.0Customers of the previous version of GEX North America can either purchase another region of GEX, and they will be granted GEX NA 2.0 update for free.

Or if they are strictly interested in North America, they can get the new version at the special upgrade price of 14.99 USD. All details and product features like FSX Steam Edition compatibility re found on Flight One Software product page.

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Big Fat Simulation news

Airport Madness World Edition London Heathrow updateIn the last update for Radar Chaos World Edition, Big Fat Simulations added Vancouver.

London Heathrow will be the next free addition to Airport Madness World Edition, the most popular series of their ATC games.

In their last newsletter issue, the lead developer and manager also revealed what was announced months ago : the new generation of Airport Madness will be produced only in 3D from a tower control user perspective.

FranceVFR – official screenshots of Aquitaine Sud VFR

FranceVFR - Aquitaine Sud VFR

Aquitaine Sud VFR is the new FSX scenery of FranceVFR about to be released at simMarket where the Southern West region of France receives not only high definition photoreal textures, but also a very high number of custom Autogen buildings, houses, trees and other landmark objects.

It also features their exclusive 3D Automation technology that allows a much higher number of scenery objects than found in a default scenery. The variety of houses and trees is also particularly enhanced to depict the region with the best accuracy possible. See some airfields integration and other coastlines screenshots.

Real Earth X – Dolomiti X Agordo

Real Earth X Dolomiti X Agordo

The Dolomites region in Italy is like a playground for Real Earth X team established in the same country. Dolomiti X series is now completed by the new Agordo scenery depicting the valley, with the most part of the buildings modelled plus a very detailed mesh at 2,5m resolution.

This product designed for FSX and P3D can be purchased and downloaded from simMarket.

TruScenery – Helsinki Vantaa X-Plane Project

TruScenery Helsinki Vantaa January 2015 preview

The main airport of Finland is of course Helsinki Vantaa EFHK. Prepare to get an ultra realistic scenery for X-Plane from TruScenery.

Already specialists of this region for Laminar Research flight simulator, their custom buildings and ground textures are just stunning.

AerialFoundry Military Packs now free

Aerialfoundry FA-18

Released quite some time ago, the military packs of AerialFoundry have turned FREE. You can just order them at simMarket with your customer account, and they will be added to your downloads at no cost.

There’s no support at all, but you can now fly in FS2004 with the CAF F-18 Hornet, US and RAAF F/A-18 Hornet, and the USN Blue Angels F-18.

American Truck Simulator video

Sorry if you don’t like driving trucks sims, it’s almost one hour long of American Truck Simulator preview in its Alpha version.

SCS Software developers have even more to share with interested simmers, as they recently a YouTube blogger who uploaded his behind the scenes videos about their current developements and progress status.

Hsimulators – Top of World V1 X-Plane

H simulators - Top of world V1

In Top of World V1 for X-Plane, Hsimulators brings back the Cold War age with a region that is missing in the default scenery.

The Northwest Greenland and Northeast part of Canada are now live in X-Plane, with 150.000 sq km of mesh plus the American Air Base of Thule.

PMDG news and updates

pmdg-logoThe team made the 777 compatible to FSX Steam Edition. That’s why there’s an update SP1d available, and that’s the only reason. The new and full installer download is required, but if you use the original Microsoft FSX, then this SP1d is not mandatory. FS2Crew users will have to apply the panel modification again after having installed the PMDG upgrade.

The PMDG 777 is about to be tested in P3D when Boeing issues their agreement.

For FSX SE, the BAe JS4100 will be made also compatible within a few days. The annoucements can be read on their Facebook timeline.