FSSimVFR – New Releases on simMarket

156494_CatN05On the simMarket store, FSSimVFR have released two new versions of their photo-mesh based products for North and South of Catalonia, Spain. Each package includes thousands of kilometers of photo mesh and is made with a 1m/pixel LOD15 resolution, with both of them weighing in at over 8GB each.

MilViz – F-86 Sabre now also in Tacpack Edition

Specially made for use with Vertical Reality Software Tackpack (not included), this special edition of the North American F-86 Sabre for FSX and P3D takes advantage of the special effects and actions allowed by the third party software.

The guns, rockets and bombs can be fired or dropped in your simulator. If you don’t intend to use such features, the basic F-86 Sabre of MilViz is still available here. Both editions work with FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v2 and v3.

American Truck Simulator is out

American Truck Simulator release dateAnnounced for tomorrow, SCS Software finally decided to release their anticipated American Truck Simulator a few hours earlier, because they were ready and the numerous fans wanted to give it a try, as many reviews could be published online before the game was on sale.

Now everyone can drive in California, Nevada, and in Arizona too soon !

New Scenery Studio LIPX Verona Villafranca FSX P3D

Newscenerystudio - LIPX VeronaAlready known by their past product of Pisa X, New Scenery Studio has another Italian airport scenery for FSX and P3D ready for your simulators.

LIPX Verona has numerous and high-end features with a variety of animations, 3d highway, photoreal and seasonal terrain at high resolution, and more to discover at simMarket.

QualityWings – 757 P3D v3 Installer Released


Quality wings is back, and today with a new installed for P3D v3 compatibility for their 757. Not much to say apart from that, get your download from the link on their website.

Airport Madness World Edition : Zurich added

Airport Madness World Edition - ZurichZurich in Switzerland is the new airport added for free to the registered customers of Airport Madness World Edition.

The update info should prompt at the game launch and follow the instructions or directly contact the author to receive it.

Toposim Continents – South Asia at simMarket

TOPOSIM_Asia_SouthAsiaToposim is a new company founded by the same people of the former FSGenesis website.

They have started a new collection of terrain mesh with an horizontal resolution of LOD 11 / 19m : South Asia region covers Aghanistan to Bhutan and Bengladesh, up to the Maldives islands.

Aerosoft – Alta X Announced


Aerosoft Alta X is in the works by renowned developer Jo Erlend, the developer behind Oslo, Bergen and many others! Alta (ENAT) will feature seasonal textures, custom windsock animations and all the other things you’d expect from Jo. Since height difference between the runway ends are less than 0.5 meters, it would not be that noticeable according to Jo himself, therefore there will be no sloped runway included. More previews on their Forum.

Aerosoft – Approaching Innsbruck Remake Previews


On the Aerosoft Forum, Mathijs has released a preview showcasing the new remade Aerosoft Innsbruck scenery. Many of you will remember the fact that it was made quite a long time ago, and although it may still be popular due to being the only payware Innsbruck available and of a decent quality, a new remake will certainly be welcomed! Some of the features you can expect are the following…

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Azurafiles – Billund Classic Plus P3D v3 Released

156179_Prepar3D 2016-01-27 15-58-54-12

Azurafiles have released their latest update, a fully compatible Prepar3D v3 scenery of Billund Airport. Their latest update ofcourse features P3D support as mentioned before, along with other features such as volume shadow compatibility, 3D approach lights, apron lights and more. This new version is available on simMarket for approximately €9.55 excluding VAT.