MegaScenery Earth – Ultra-Res City Las Vegas

MegaScenery Earth Ultra-Res City Las Vegas

It’s now the turn of Las Vegas, Nevada, to complete a bit more the wide collection of Ultra-Res Cities covering United States with HD photoreal textures.

The last screenshot seen on the product page is the Terminal Area chart that shows you the treated zone in FSX/P3D.


Active Sky Next SP1Beta4 B5371 released


HiFi Technologies had released Active Sky Next SP1 Open BETA4.
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PMDG – Projects information

pmdg-logoTo inform PMDG customers on what’s coming in the next weeks or months, Robert S. Randazzo detailed their progress on the current projects. A new Service Pack 1C will be delivered for the 777 to fix the remaining issues when simmers use FSX accelerated time.

Currently in early Alpha version, the 747-400 v2 is their priority but it will need a few months more before there’s a public preview. The new features of the 777 were initially planned to be added to the 737 NGX, but it’s now sure it won’t be a free upgrade since the technical differences are too numerous now. They are considering other alternatives.

Without announcing timeframes, the P3D products should be the 737 NGX, the 777 and the 747 V2. For X-Plane, it will be a new project built from scratch.

“CPS” Concorde Performance System 3.0


The free tool of Pierre Chassang and Pierre Dolez for FSLabs Concorde X and for SSTSIM Concorde exists now in a new version 3.0.

Aimed at medium to hardcore simmers, their software can help in preflight procedures, fuel calculation and weight balance. And the new V3 has now an airports database updatable via Navigraph, enhanced fuel calculation in subsonic flight phase, an improved layout and more items. Visit Concorde Performance System website. Read More →

Tromso Video Teaser

Aerosoft‘s upcoming Tromso X scenery is the subject of the not-so-short video above, posted by JerdooFlightX at the publisher’s forums.

To see the ongoing discussion about the scenery, the preview thread can be found here.

A_A Sceneries KLIA Kuala Lumpur news

A_A_Sceneries_KLIA_Kuala_Lumpur_preview_Sept_14After months of serious efforts, A_A Sceneries is proud to introduce to their fans the close to release preview screenshots of their next scenery product.

The malaysian big airport of Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) will certainly be one of the, or the, best seller of their whole collection.

Black Box Simulation – A340 preview update

BBS_A340_preview_Sept_2014Black Box Simulation A330 pilots are still waiting for the version 0.80, but meanwhile, the developers can show them how well is going the upcoming free upgrade that will include the A340.

The Airbus long haul airliner received various airlines liveries already : check them out in their Facebook album.


TS2015 goes live on Thursday, patch Monday.

Train_Simulator_2015Updated to Correct dates: Just a quick reminder to our readers that use Dovetail Games Train Simulator 2014, that the next version of the sim, predictably entitled Train Simulator 2015,  is released on Thursday, following a patch to enable content to work in the new sim, which will be released on Monday . Therefore, if you want to back your current installation up, to ensure you don’t lose any custom, 3rd party or self-created content, Sunday is the time to do it!

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AES v2.36 – 14 new or updated airports

79126_AES01As the title says, the latest update from developer Oliver Pabst to his venerable but very effective Airport Enhancement Services package brings no fewer than fourteen revamped or new airports to the list of supported products.

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FSPS – FSX Fiber Accelerator Update 1.3

FSPS FSX Fiber Accelerator

Registered customers of FSPS – FSX Fiber Accelerator may have been noticed about the new update 1.3. Their latest tool received a major user interface enhancement, a new feature upon users demand : the automatic management of profiles upon the flight altitude. Imagine you set a high level of details in airports, so when you’re on the ground that’s what you get. During departure, as you’re flying up, FSX Fiber Accelerator can now apply another profile you may have set for a upper altitude without requiring any shortcut or anything from you.

FSPS explains that “You can update to version 1.3 directly by downloading the installer: From here , or if you are using version 1.2 by pressing the menu’s “update button” .

Meanwhile, they are still working on Fiber Accelerator for Prepar3D, Their newsletter also inform that they are about to come with a solution for FSX out of memories issues.