Intrasystem tools


The new 2014 version of Cockpitstatus is a smart program that gathers many cockpit data on a basic and resizable separate window.

With Simcon, that makes part of Cockpitstatus series, you can get help with a virtual Precision Approach System: creating a virtual runway easily for example.

Liverpool – Manchester route for Train Sim

TS2015 Manchester Liverpool preview

Dovetail Games keep on expanding Train Simulator expansions list in Great Britain, Germany or United States. Liverpool – Manchester route will get a wide variety of buildings in the cities, and realistic stations, landscape views along the railways long of about 30 miles.

New pics of FlightBeam KSFO HD


Many simmers who own the current version 2 of KSFO San Francisco by FlightBeam Studios are dreaming of the same design quality in their Californian airport like the last products they released.

The upcoming KSFO HD will be go even beyond. The designers will introduce “crowd-source”, a new optional feature that bring 3D passengers with very little performance impact. Discuss this preview in their forum, or open their Facebook album to display the screenshots without need of forum registration.

Taxi2Gate : bundles and Hamad FS9


FS9 pilots, you have also now the chance to install a very detailed and realistic rendition of Qatar’s capital airport by Taxi2Gate : Hamad OTHH FS2004. Bundle offer : buy both Hamad FS9 and Orlando FS9 for 23.8€ incl. VAT (20.00€ excl. VAT) each, they must be purchased at once.

For FSX, the bundle offer is a little bit different : buy 3 for 23.8€ incl. VAT (20.00€ excl. VAT) each. Again, the 3 following items must be ordered at the same time : Orlando FSX, Istanbul FSX P3D P3Dv2, and Hamad FSX P3D P3Dv2.

CYQR Regina project for FS9


As you have guessed when you read CYQR, Regina airport is in Canada, near the US boarder, close to Montana and North Dakota.

About once a month, Greg Putz reports news on his development project in FSdevelopers forum : from the main terminal, runway details and 3D objects, or even other hangars in the airport area.

Aerosoft – Tromsø X preview

Aerosoft - Tromsø X preview

Bergen X received very positive feedback from the simmers, and Aerosoft wish they could at least repeat that with another Norwegian scenery :  Tromsø X.

ENTC Airport is not the only content of this future product : its surroundings, HD photoreal textures, and animations will be added as well.

Feelthere Sale : 30% OFF at simMarket

Feelthere_sales_-30All Feelthere products price have been taken down by 30% exclusively at simMarket until this August 31th only.

Select one or further products of their ATC collections, Tracon! 2012 and Tower! 2011, or you can also put in your basket a Call! product to add copilot and interactive checklits to a Feelthere airliner addon, like the Embraer Regional Jets.

Aerosoft A318/A319 and Heathrow Beta video

Both aircraft and scenery are still currently being developed for FSX/P3D, so don’t look for them in the download shop already.

Heathrow Xtended should be the first one to hit the store in the next weeks, thanks to Sim-Wings team. The Airbus X A318/319 will bring new models and new features compared to the existing product that includes A320/321 models.

MegaScenery Earth – England & Wales

MegaScenery Earth - England and Wales

MegaScenery Earth adds another European product to their wide collection of photoreal sceneries. This one covers entirely both England and Wales !

The whole area counts 58.000 square miles.

Magdeburg–Cochstedt EDBC in development

Captain Seven - EDBC Magdeburg–Cochstedt previewCaptain Seven already brought different kind of freeware stuff to the FSX community : repaints for airliners, including Heringsdorf EDAH scenery in 2013.

Currently, his main project is Magdeburg–Cochstedt EDBC, another mid-size airport in Germany. Roll down all this forum thread to discover the 3D PAPI lights.