Freeware Pontoise – Cormeilles en Vexin

Pontoise_1Now available to download from French-VFR is “Greenhopper‘s” scenery of Cormeilles en Vexin – Pontoise (LFPT), for FSX and P3D.

Compatible with both DX9 and 10 modes of the simulators, the scenery includes custom ground textures and structures (including the bar!), plus the adjacent go-kart track.

The French-VFR download page can be found here. If your French isn’t up to translating the front page, there’s a flag at the top left to convert the page to English.

VFR Blackpool preview screenshots


RJSim have released a number of preview screenshots for their “VFR Blackpool” project, currently in development.

Situated on the North-West coast of England, just North of Wales and Liverpool, Blackpool (BLK/EGNH) isn’t the world’s busiest commercial airport but, as the product name suggests, it’s one of those places where single engined pistons meet and mix with Boeing 737s on a daily basis.

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FSiPanel Ver released


FSiPanel is popular software for Flight Simulator enthusiasts.
It allows you to train like professional pilots do. and now it’s updated.

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PKSim – Cartagena SKCG in Colombia

PKSim - Cartagena SKCG Rafael Nuñez Intl Airport

PKSim has joined the numerous publishers and developers at simMarket to start their own product collection. And the first item is the Colombian airport of Cartagena.

SKCG is a single runway airport located in a beautiful scenery between the Caribbean Sea coast and Cienaga de la Virgen lake.

FS2Crew PMDG 777 Edition status update

FS2Crew PMDG 777 Edition logo

The PMDG 777 Edition of FS2Crew is still in development beside Ultimate Ground Crew X.

The first one is entering the Beta test phase and will include both Voice Control and Button Control versions. In a few weeks, we’ll be able to enjoy the crew simulation and interactions with the great PMDG 777.

Roadside Assistance Simulator

The new simulation game of Roadside Assitance Simulator covers many aspects of that work.

Play from the first person view or manage your team and dispatch them to the missions displayed on the map. Expand your center with new buildings, new services, buy and upgrade vehicles. You will also play the mechanic, examining and repairing cars to get the people ready to go again.


feature image Complex aircraft like the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 are flown with a two person cockpit crew. In FSX and P3D we don’t have that luxury and are required to take on the duties of both, a scenario that is not very realistic when you look at real world operations.

A company by the name of FS2Crew has endeavoured to change that for specific aircraft. Here is one of their stated goals. “Our line of Airline Flight Crew Simulations are aimed at home users who wish to simulate realistic multi-crew airline flying using Microsoft Flight Simulator.” The Majestic Dash 8 Q400 is one of the aircraft that they’ve taken on and this is my review of their addon as I experienced it in FSX.

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A2A Accu-Sim Core Update

accusim-logoNow available for download from the A2A Simulations forums is the latest update for their core Accu-Sim product line.

The new update – entitled “A2A_Update_09_26_14” in their new naming scheme, primarily features corrections and upgrades to the Cherokee 180 package, but there are other changes across the board to the warbirds and C172 Trainer as well.

The link to download can be found on this forum thread, while if you are missing some aircraft to complete (or start!) your Accu-Sim fleet, A2A’s full product line can be found here.

ArmA 3 to get heavy lift helos

arma3_dlc_helicopters_screenshot_01Armed Assault 3 developers Bohemia Interactive have announced that that next DLC title for their futuristic ‘soldier sim’ will be entitled “Helicopters“, which might suggest exactly what the content might be.

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simMarket deployment for FSAddon Annie

135573_Ans-0057-1024Having been released via their own webstore last week, the FS Addon Avro Anson package is now also being stocked by simMarket.

With installers for both FSX and P3D, the 13 models that make up the pack cover a range of both military and civilian aircraft from the 1930s to the modern day. More details can be found on the product page.