Eaglesoft – Cessna Citation XLS+ Preview

More pictures of the virtual cockpit of the upcoming Citation XLS+ have been shared by Eaglesoft Flight Simulation.

These pics give an overview of the Pro Line 21 integrated avionics, the central pedestal and other panels too.

JustSim – Girona Costa-Brava LEGE P3D V4

Previously released for FSX and P3D v2/v3, the Spanish airport of  Girona Costa-Brava LEGE exists now also for P3D v4 by JustSim.

They added dynamic lights to take advantage of the latest P3D features.

PMDG – Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster Available

The Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster is ready for take-off, ask your clearance at PMDG before they select your runway : P3D v4/v3 or FSX.

Among the features included, the Artificial Flight Engineer can help you at different phases of the flight.

FSW – Community Update 7 “cold & Dark”

It’s now possible to start any aircraft of the default stock from dark and cold, following the checklist. In the advanced mode, you do it all by yourself.

Beginners will be receive help “with camera zoom and highlighted switches/gauges“. Other bugs have been fixed at the same Community Update 7 for Flight Sim World.

New simMarket products

Active Sky For P3D4 Public Release

A major release occurred this week with Active Sky for P3D v4 (ASP4), now available to the public either as :

All their customers who already own AS 2016 for P3D, get free access to the download of ASP4 for P3D v4 with the same licence key.

For FSX pilots, HiFi Technologies still sell the only remaining weather solution : Active Sky 2016 for FSX here.


Jetstream Designs – Marseille LFML Update / P3D v4

The latest design efforts of Jetstream will benefit to all their customers, whether they use FSX, P3D v3 and P3D v4 of course.

They have added SODE animated jetways, and superb dynamic lights making of Marseille LFML a beautiful place now rendered with the latest and best technology in scenery design.

This is a free update for all registered users.

FS Repaint v2.24

The good old FS Repaint goes now to version 2.24 and starts supporting some P3D v4 aircraft.

Out of the box, you can review, edit, and visualize in 3D live your painting works, without need of the simulator.

For the changelog click here, and read the press release copy below.

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Aerosoft – SCEL Santiago v2.0 X-Plane 10/11

You are invited to edit a flight plan from or to Santiago SCEL in Chile, especially if you have X-Plane 11 or 10.

Aerosoft and the designers at Virtualdesign3d updated the scenery with PAPI lights, buildings enhancements, framerates optimization and the support of the latest version of the simulator. Read More →

REX – Soft Clouds Updated for P3D V4

Soft Clouds has passed the exam to be updated for P3D v4 at REX Game Studios. The 3D clouds textures set supports the HDR feature in all P3D versions, and is also compliant with DirectX11/10/9.

The manager Reed Stough edited a table to help their users in having an idea of how are going the other products updates.