Paulo Ricardo – Fortaleza 2014 FSX P3D

After Mega Route Rio Sau Paulo, and Mega Sau Paulo, simMarket has started to sell the latest Brazilian scenery product of Paul Ricardo : Fortaleza 2014.

Once again, his scenery mixes realistic custom mesh and terrain textures, populated of realistic and numerous Autogen buildings, plus SBFZ airport with detailed jetways, custom buildings, photoreal textures..

Accu-Sim Core Update 11/20/2014


It only seems like five minutes since the Accu-Sim C182 Skylane was released, but A2A Simulations have already patched a couple of holes, tweaked code, removed some unnecessary files and even made it go a little quicker… when using the manual handling mode, that is.

Posted on this thread at their forums is the latest core update for Accu-Sim which, although it only specifically updates the C182 this time, scans for and checks the update status of all your installed Accu-Sim add-ons in either FSX or P3D, so whether you are a virtual Skylane pilot or not, it’s worth downloading and running the tool to check your A2A aircraft are up-to-date.

Flight1/iFly – new 747-400 V2 video and flight report

Thanks to the author of FSiPanel, you can watch the above video of the 747-400 V2 in action, while this is a work-in-progress version.

There’s also a Beta team member that published a complete and detailed flight report between London and Dubai using the  in-development Jumbo by iFly.

IVAO Crowded Skies XI : December 13th


It’s already the 11th edition of Crowded Skies on IVAO network. This year, they hope to beat the last record of 2,303 simultaneous connections.

For more information and requirements list, you should visit their forum, with your IVAO ID and password as the forum is accessible to registered members.

Construction Simulator 2015

Construction Simulator 2015

Drive and manage 15 different construction machines manufactured by Liebherr, Still or Man in Construction Simulator 2015.

Look at the full game content at simMarket : there are at least 200 missions in a single player mode plus a multiplayer mode accessible to 4 players.

Wing Creation’s realistic Jet-Way for Nagasaki Airport


as you know, Wing Creation Inc(WCI) is working on Nagasaki Airport.
today, they posted new Jet-Way video.

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BBS A330 – Another VC preview

BBS A330 ECAM VC preview november 2014Maybe you’re already used to this view, but this time, the A330 of Black Box Simulation has been shot during the development tests currently run with the version 0.80.

The developers also mentioned that the terrain data displayed on the navigation display may be added in a future update, but not the next one.

Aerosoft/IDS – Brussels EBBR preview

IDS EBBR Brussels preview Nov 14

Innovative Development Studios (IDS) will be more famous with Mega Airport Brussels scenery development.

The time will come soon to change your old EBBR airport product for this one, accurate and with much better design techniques.

Taburet illuminates the North-West USA

137736_Image5The latest area of the FSX world covered by Taburet‘s night lighting is the North-Western US states of Washington and Oregon.

Featuring custom designed and modelled night lighting effects for both main and residential roads, the add-on can be used with almost any photoreal or landclass based scenery and can be customised by removing the residential road lights if necessary. Find out more here.

NORCAL now out for TRACON!

137690_north-california-sector-for-tracon-2012__nc_001If the possibilities of being a Tower controller seem a little limited, the next step up from that is TRACON – Terminal Area Radar Control – for which FeelThere have released the Northern California area, available via simMarket.

With three major international airports within its coverage – San Francisco (KSFO), Oakland (KOAK) and San Jose (KSJC) – the NORCAL Approach and Departure controllers have some of the busiest airspace in the world. Find the add-on pack here and TRACON! 2012 itself here.