Pacific Island Simulations – Now AES Compatible


In Aerosoft’s latest AES update (v2.40), It brings new product compatibility such as their Taiwan Taoyuan Int RCTP and Nagasaki/Omura products. You can find the v1.40 download on the simMarket store page, whilst also purchasing some credit packs if you need some more to unlock Pacsim’s newly added products.

HiFi Simulations – New Pricing


On the simMarket store, new pricing has been put in place for their Active Sky range. Active Sky: Next can now be purchased for €29.99 excl VAT (About a €7 reduction) whereas Active Sky: Evolution is now available for €24.99 Excl VAT. If you haven’t already, head over to their respective store page to get your copy of either product today

PMDG – What We Can Expect


On the PMDG general forum, Robert Randazzo posted some great information about what we can expect (Mainly with P3D v3). A preview was included of the taxi camera actually being shown embedded into the lower ECAM with the PMDG B773 in P3D v3 and not a pop-out window as previously included. Apparently it only has a slight FPS impact which will make it entirely more flexible on the new, updated platform. Hopefully it wont be too long before its rolled out into an update.

Majestic Q400 & Prepar3D v3


Majestic Software have released a statement on their Facebook page stating that “The Q400 is not yet supported on the Prepar3D V3.0 platform. Although it is possible to fly the aircraft, the known issues are: No cabin sound and also often stuttering of the aircraft from the outside view when in the air.

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ORBX – FTX Global and openLC EU Updated for Prepar3D v3!


ORBX have released the updated installers for FTX Global and also FTX openLC EU. The new updates bring P3D compatibility by default. As ORBX continue to update their previous products, I will keep you updated. To get the update; simply head to your FSS account and download the new installer.


Hololens Virtual Reality by Microsoft

Beside Samsung and Oculus VR projects, Microsoft also develops their own Virtual Reality solution : Hololens.

It has been demonstrated at ‘Windows 10 Devices Event’, where we can note at least an important difference with other similar devices, it blends the virtual with your actual environment. Why not controlling a full virtual cockpit from your desktop seat in a few years ? Microsoft will promote its use for both professional and entertainment markets according to

Alabeo – C404 Titan for X-Plane 10 Announced


Alabeo have announced work in progress for their C404 Titan project which will be for XP10 this time. Previously they released their C404 for FSX/P3D and after many of you have asked, you will now get it into X-Plane. You can view their progress on their Facebook page, and if you are interested in the Titan for FSX and Prepar3D, you can find out more on simMarket.

ORBX – Murray Field Final Previews


Today there has been more action on the ORBX forum as Iain has posted his final previews of Murray Field, which essentially means it should be very close to release. Enjoy the previews below, and head to their forum for the full post.

ORBX – Stockholm Arlanda Preview


On the ORBX forums, John Venema posted an “unofficial” preview of their upcoming Arlanda project. Currently that’s all for now.

Interview: LatinWings


Today I had the opportunity to have a chat with Trino and Fabian, both developers from Latin Wings as part of an Exclusive interview for V-Aviation. The interview will be shown below in a transcript form. This interview focuses on what they are currently working on, along with what you can expect with their future releases.

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