Wing Creation’s realistic Jet-Way for Nagasaki Airport


as you know, Wing Creation Inc(WCI) is working on Nagasaki Airport.
today, they posted new Jet-Way video.

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BBS A330 – Another VC preview

BBS A330 ECAM VC preview november 2014Maybe you’re already used to this view, but this time, the A330 of Black Box Simulation has been shot during the development tests currently run with the version 0.80.

The developers also mentioned that the terrain data displayed on the navigation display may be added in a future update, but not the next one.

Aerosoft/IDS – Brussels EBBR preview

IDS EBBR Brussels preview Nov 14

Innovative Development Studios (IDS) will be more famous with Mega Airport Brussels scenery development.

The time will come soon to change your old EBBR airport product for this one, accurate and with much better design techniques.

Taburet illuminates the North-West USA

137736_Image5The latest area of the FSX world covered by Taburet‘s night lighting is the North-Western US states of Washington and Oregon.

Featuring custom designed and modelled night lighting effects for both main and residential roads, the add-on can be used with almost any photoreal or landclass based scenery and can be customised by removing the residential road lights if necessary. Find out more here.

NORCAL now out for TRACON!

137690_north-california-sector-for-tracon-2012__nc_001If the possibilities of being a Tower controller seem a little limited, the next step up from that is TRACON – Terminal Area Radar Control – for which FeelThere have released the Northern California area, available via simMarket.

With three major international airports within its coverage – San Francisco (KSFO), Oakland (KOAK) and San Jose (KSJC) – the NORCAL Approach and Departure controllers have some of the busiest airspace in the world. Find the add-on pack here and TRACON! 2012 itself here.

Real Color upgrades for TOWER! at simMarket

137746_kbos_1Two of the airports for TOWER! have been upgraded with real airline livery packages by Gabor Nyerges – Atlanta (KATL) and Boston (KBOS).

Based on the real Traffic schedules by the same developer, the Real Color packs allow controllers at the airports to far more easily and accurately identify the aircraft they are in charge of. The add-on for KATL can be found here, KBOS here and the base packages for TOWER! 2011, as well as all its add-ons, can be found here.

Another F2P game with planes

handg_oster_screenshot_2We can’t really call Heroes & Generals an aerial combat game, if not simply because of the sheer amount of ground pounding required to get to the pilot line. If you want some free to play WW2 action, however, Heroes & Generals will allow you (eventually) to take to the virtual skies in either a Bf109 for the German side, or P-38 for the Allies.

There’s plenty of other hardware – and pushbikes – for non-pilots to use, if you’d rather play with tanks or jeeps as well. Take a look here for more information on the open beta title and to register/play for free.


Bits (and bytes…) of history for sale

IMG_4750It’s not every day that you’ll see a bit of simming history come up for sale – most people just throw things away when they get out of date.

If you’re a collector of FS memorabilia, however, or happen to still have a Sinclair Timex 2068 in the loft, then this ROM pack of some application simply called “Flight Simulator” may be of interest… Apparently it’s a NTSC cartridge so whether it is 100% compatible with PAL systems isn’t entirely certain, but that’s just part of the challenge of playing cartridge based games, isn’t it? ;)


Imagine Sim – Austin KAUS FSX

ImagineSim Austin KAUS FSX

After FS2004 version, Imagine Sim didn’t forget FSX users : so here is Austin-Bergstrom KAUS.

The international airport scenery has custom made terrain and ground textures, provided at a high resolution. In the next update of AES, KAUS will be supported so you can have custom jetway animations and ground services vehicles.

FS2Crew Airbus and 777 updates

FS2Crew_Airbus_X_ExtendedFS2Crew team is spreading the word about the updates for their PMDG 777 Edition and Airbus X both Voice and Button control editions.

For the Aerosoft Airbus X, FS2Crew edition is already available in version 2.2 to support all their variants A318/319/320/321.

For the PMDG 777, FS2Crew update 1.1 is not ready yet but it should be next week.