FSPS – Flight Sim Manager goes free

FSPS Flight Simulator Manager

Many options or useful features of FSX or FS2004 are not so easy to find and manage. With FSPS Flight Sim Manager, it’s easier and more accessible, designed from a simmer point of view.

The payload, fuel load, weather, time, engines tools and more can be controlled with FSM and it’s now FREE.

Innovative Development Studios – Manchester new preview

IDS Manchester EGCC preview March 15

Have a look at the textures used by IDS in their upcoming scenery of Manchester airport (EGCC).

Clearly, a serious effort has been put in the high resolution and the wear and tear effects on roofs due to the rain and contamination for instance.

Real Earth X – Dolomiti X Auronzo

Real Earth X - Dolomiti X Auronzo

Another area of the Dolomites has been modelled by Real Earth X, with seasonal plus day and night textures.

In Auronzo title, the lake and the buildings are custom made according to real life.

ATC Operations – Paris

ATC Operations - Paris

3 famous airports air space around Paris will be under your control in the new ATC game of ATC Operations – Paris.

Paris Charles De Gaulle, Orly and Le Bourget will get you busy I bet.

IRIS Grob 115E – Spin video

David Brice of IRIS team jumped in the Grob 115E for a quick spin, and he filmed his exercise so we can seat and watch the promising result in P3D V2.

Aerosoft Mallorca X Evolution

Aerosoft Sim-Wings Mallorca X EvolutionIt’s always a major release when Sim-Wings launch a new scenery. And if you like the Holiday destinations in the Mediterranean Sea region, Palma de Mallorca LEPA (San Juan airport) is a very nice addition to your library.

In this new version, they added the new airport installations (terminal, runways, other external services) but they also improved the scenery itself, with new textures, new ground markings, new vehicles, new lights and shadows.

FlyTampa prepares Amsterdam

FlyTampa Amsterdam eham_polderbaan tower

Tired of your old Amsterdam Schipol EHAM scenery ? The above tower picture is the premise of FlyTampa’s addon.

The designers behind this project are the ones who recently made Copenhagen.

Imagine Sim – Singapore Changi WSSS in P3D


Singapore must be in any serious list of international hubs for the worldliner simmer.

Following their policy, Imagine Sim has just made available the P3D version of  Singapore Changi WSSS beside the FSX and the FS2004 titles.

Digital Design – ULLI St. Petersburg X-Plane

The beautiful and detailed scenery of ULLI St. Petersburg, the second busiest airport of Russia, exists now also for X-Plane 10 with all its neat features : from the realistic ground markings to the advanced night lighting effects.

From the same publisher Digital Design, this scenery was initially released for FSX/P3D and for FS2004 as well.

Alabeo announces Titan Project


Alabeo‘s newest announcement is the C404 Titan – a large, piston twin, often used as an air taxi, feederliner or in areas where load factors don’t justify a larger aircraft.

Also acting as an airborne photography platform, offshore patrol aircraft, air ambulance and more, you can see more of their work in progress on this versatile aircraft at their web site.