AirWorthy Designs – St Barth after St Maarten

After the extensive design of Saint Maarten airport for X-Plane, AirWorthy Designs is now progressing over St Barth that should ship in the same product scenery.

The terminal buildings details are already impressive with nice looking textures, including for the interior.

Aerosoft Sales : 25% OFF Mega Airports P3D FSX

Numerous Mega Airports titles of Aerosoft for P3D and FSX are available with a nice 25% discount at simMarket.

The latest Professional P3D v4 products of Heathrow, Frankfurt, Zurich make also part of the celebration.

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Digital Design – LOWS Salzburg P3D4

LOWS Salzburg has been a popular scenery product for FSX and P3D from Digital Design. It’s quite logical that the developer got back to the sketch board to improve even more the detailed scenery and to optimize it for P3D v4.

The new version is only made for that last simulator with new dynamic lights, SODE support, new night light effects like the sequenced flashing lights of the runway, new objects in the surrondings and more. Read More →

FSFX ChasePlane Update Preview

Currently in public Beta, ChasePlane is a camera tool supported in FSX, and P3D v4/v2.

Developed by OldProp Soluations, the makers of FSFX Packages, important new features will be pushed in the next update : Replay, Hot Corners, and much improved performance.

rk Apps – XPrealistic Pro X-Plane

New sensations are promised when you install XPrealistic Pro for X-Plane 11 and 10.

Head movements, G-force effects, vibrations and turbulence effect to the camera, audio enhancements for ground roll and touchdown, there are lot of new features to enjoy in every flight from now on.

SimFlyer – GPS And GNS Packages With P3D4 Support

Find now at simMarket the new packages Garmin GNS 430/530 , GNX 480/GMX 200, and the BENDIX/KING GPS for P3D v4/v1, FSX and FS9, developed by SimFlyer.

Looking for both user-friendly gauges and realistic systems, SimFlyer has built their own experience bringing advanced navigation gauges since 2003.

FlyTampa – KLAS Las Vegas Preview

In the upcoming product of FlyTampa, not only McCarran airport KLAS will be detailed, but we can already see the beautiful surroundings and urban areas of Las Vegas.

RDSS – Half Moon Bay Airport KHAF X-Plane

The photoreal airport of Half Moon Bay (KHAF) exists as very nice looking scenery for X-Plane 11 and 10.50.

3D animated trees and power lines can be found too in the Californian airport. More visual features and its history are also introduced in the beautiful PDF manual published in a magazine style.

QualityWings 787 Hotfix 2

The second important update for 787 pilots flying with QualityWings model in FSX is ready.

More crash to desktop issues have been solved, and various problems of Autopilot and PFD/ND displays should be now resolved. You can use either the quick Hotfix 2, or the full installer version 1.0.2 as you prefer.

Carenado – Do 228-100 HD Series XP11

It’s easy to recognize its protuberant nose, and you will be able to count the rivets on it with the new Carenado model for X-Plane 11 in their HD Series.

The Do 228-100 comes from the former German manufacturer Dornier that launched the aircraft in 1982.