Dovetail Games Flight School – New Previews


Dovetail Games are back with some more previews of Flight School. More specifically the PA-18 Super Cub which is one of the two aircraft you will be learning to fly if you so choose to buy Flight School. Although it has been delayed for about a month, It’s certainly looking good in my opinion. Enjoy the previews and stay tuned for more.

Aerosoft Official – Berlin Tegel X 2016

Berlin Tegel from Aerosoft isn’t far from release but in real life it will one day be closed as there is that famous not yet opened airport. Untill then this is a video on the soon to be released airport.

Aerosoft – Twentynine Palms for X-Plane 10

Aerosoft - Twentynine Palms KTNP X-PlaneTwentynine Palms airport in California exists now as a detailed product for X-Plane after conversion of the original 29Palms team work for FSX/P3D.

The scenery combines awesome and numerous Autogen objects, with detailed vehicules and airport equipments close to the apron to provide a realistic and enjoyable environment.

Drzewiecki Design Baku Previews Released


After their recent release of Chisinau, Drzewiecki Design are back with more previews of their upcoming Baku X scenery. They also mention a possible release time frame of May if all goes to plan. If you also wish to take advantage of their current deals, you will find all of their products at 20% off on all vendors; Chisinau included.

Airline2Sim Free “First-Looks” Taster IXEG 737 Training Videos

Airline2Sim have released a couple free narrowed down videos of the IXEG 737 where they take the newly released aircraft for a spin from Dublin to Manchester. Although it is in no way or form as in depth as their Q400 payware training (which was expected), it’s certainly got some great information to get you flying. European 737 pilot Jonny walks Ben through the various stages of flight in the three parts of the video. Although it’s free, it certainly doesn’t lack quality as you’ll soon find out in the 2 hours plus, of footage. It was never planned to be a full series, but if you enjoy it then certainly consider supporting them and checking out their full Q400 training series which takes you into much more depth of the various systems and procedures.

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Jetstream Designs – LIML Milan Linate April preview

Jetstream Designs - LIML Milan Linate April preview

Thanks to the high level of buildings detail that Jetstream Designs is reproducing in LIML Milan Linate future scenery, we can preview the closeup pics of the terminal architecture, accurately modelled.

FSPS – Boeing 737NG Fire System V2 FSX FS2004

FSPS - BOEING 737NG FIRE SYSTEM V2 FSX FS2004The realistic fire and cargo panels simulated by FSPS reproduce the actual Boeing 737NG systems and features.

It’s compatible Project Magenta software and CPFlight panel, and with FSX / FS9 simulators.

Bridge 2 The construction game

Aerosoft Bridge 2Become a virtual builder and engineer specialist in bridges. In The Construction Game – Bridge 2, there are 50 missions with increasing difficulty.

In the new game, enhanced visuals and new features have been implemented. Now for sale at simMarket.

BDO Aviation Liege Released


BDO Aviation have made a move to the West with their recent release of Liege. Quality appears to be of a good standard so for more information, or to purchase this product, simply head on over to the simMarket store.

SX Airport Design – Antonio Rivera Rodriguez TJVQ preview #2

SX Airport Design – Antonio Rivera Rodriguez TJVQ preview April 2016In Puerto Rico, Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport (TJVQ) is not on the main island, but on the Vieques.

According to the latest preview pics loaded at Facebook, SX Airport Design has implemented custom vegetation, realistic ground markings, 3D taxiway lights and objects. And focus on the wear and tear effects on the apron and taxiways custom textures !