IRIS Pro Training Series Texan Driver

IRIS Pro Training Series Texan Driver

You’ve just been granted your place of pilot student in the advanced turboprop trainer of IRIS : the Texan Driver.

The audio and special features like the aircraft configuration manager will make this Pro Training Series product one of the, or your, favorite addon in FSX or P3D.

Pacific Island Sim show off Taiwan RCTP

PIS - Taiwan RCTP preview march 2015

Taiwan is a small territory but a powerful economy, and more and more a tourism spot. Beside its harbour, you can easily imagine how important must be its airport, Taiwan Taoyuan RCTP.

Open Pacific Islands Simulation website and Facebook page to load their attractive pics until it comes to the shop.

TS2015 route preview Mannheim – Karlsruhe


For Train Simulator 2015 addicts, there is no way to feel that’s enough with German routes ! They want more and will drive soon between Mannheim and Karlsruhe.

The current preview gallery displays plenty of custom buildings, train stations, wide yards, bridges .. You should taste it too.

FSDG LOWG Graz Preview

FSDG LOWG Graz preview

A new Austrian airport scenery will be welcome, even more when you know that it is FSDG team who is developing it.

These preview pictures of Graz LOWG is the first series of the alpha stage development, so the level of details and quantity of objects will be obviously different later.

ATC Operations – New York

ATC Operations - New YorkYour air traffic control skills will be tested at New York in the game of ATC Operations.

Helped by the weather radar, and the radar mode display, manage the traffic for these 3 airports : John F. KennedyKJFK, Newark KEWR, and LaGuardia KLGA.

Synchro-Soft – GE90 Soundset

There is now a soundset for FSX of the powerful GE90 engine in its 115B variant at simMarket.

The above sample demonstrates it’s obviously perfectly adapted for PMDG.

A_A Sceneries – ZBAA Beijing T3 preview

A_A Sceneries ZBAA T3 preview March 15

Although it’s too early to see the result integrated in FSX, A_A Sceneries reveal some details on their ground polygons, custom made based upon aerial views.

A few weeks or months more before you can fly to ZBAA Beijing scenery.

Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports Vol1 XP

Drzewiecki Design Polish Airports vol1 XP

Bundled in a single product for X-Plane 10, the 4 four international airports of Poland produced by Drzewiecki Design are not at all of a low quality.

The numerous buildings are modelled up to the finest details, and you’ll be more than seduced by the glass textures and the custom vehicles.

Need to cool off a little?


Pretty much every PC user over the years has experienced problems caused by heat build up in their system. How many, though, actually delve into the problem beyond de-clogging fans and vents occasionally?

Topskills author Bill Stack was suffering from problems caused by excessive overheating, but went a little further than the internet’s combined wisdom suggested, to find a simple cause, with an equally simple solution. You can read his Op-Ed article by clicking “Read More“.

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X-Plane 10.35 now available


Regular users of X-Plane 10 will probably have already seen this pop-up as a download when they ran the sim, but in the early hours of this morning, for those in Europe, Laminar Research formally released version 10.35 of the sim, with a very extensive changes and updates list.

One of the primary updates in this version is a large number of 3d model enhanced airports, developed by users, a full list of which can be found on the XP10 “Gateway” page, while the full change list for 10.35 can be found here.