AH Announce L-10 Electra


At their Facebook Page, Aeroplane Heaven have announced the development of a Lockheed Model 10 Electra, for FSX and P3D.

It has been noted by several users that the model of a classic aircraft includes modern gauges in the WiP images, but a post here at SOH states that they are for test purposes only and a more “old school” cockpit will be included in the product.

FSoftware – LIMZ Cuneo FSX

FSoftware LIMZ CumeoIn the South of Torino, Cuneo airport (LIMZ) is an international platform mostly used by low-cost airlines and charter flights.

FSoftware modelled a custom scenery for FSX with its buildings, groundmarkings and taxisings.

Adding the official Mercedes New Actros in ETS 2 v1.18

SCS Software - Mercedes-Benz New Actros official finalNo more ‘Majestic’ invented brand in Euro Truck Simulator 2, Mercedes-Benz will finally takes its place beside all other officially licenced trucks manufacturers.

SCS Software added in open-beta version the new Actros truck with the last update version 1.18. Other significant changes are included : support of DRL (daylight running lights), pedestrians, improved vegetation, new trailer skins and radios.

OMSI 2 – Chicago Downtown future addon

Aerosoft - OMSI Chicago DowntownOMSI 2 is the most popular bus driving simulation, and there are already a few addons available, to add either articulated buses, or to enhance the traffic.

Another addon for Chicago Downtown will be published near the end of June according to Aerosoft.

SDG – Cairo Intl P3D

SDG Cairo IntlSim Design Group (SDG) already made the FSX version of Cairo Intl (ICAO code : HECA), iu Egypt.

This week, P3D users can now purchase the adapted scenery for Lockheed Martin simulator, with the same custom textures and animated train.

Carenado’s Commander


Presented earlier today via their social media feeds and with pictures now available on their website‘s “Incoming Projects” page, it looks like Carenado have been listening to the community – they’ve announced an Aero Commander 500.

At present, all the screenshots show the partially complete model shown above, but we suspect a lot of people will be looking forward to seeing this one in their virtual hangars.

A quartet of new releases


It’s all about FSX and P3D at simMarket today, with the addition of four new products – three sceneries and one adventure pack.

Hot on the heels of part 2 comes Rolling Cumulus Software‘s – Air Corps Ferry Command WW2 Episode 3….The Last Leg!!! To Victory (FSX only), including an offer that if you purchased all three, you’ll get a fourth bonus part free.

SDG‘s Cairo International (HECA) is now available as a version specifically for P3D, RC Design‘s ESGG Gothenburg/Landvetter is for FSX, while France VFR straddle the boundary with their latest pack, LFBD – Bordeaux Merignac, for both FSX and P3D.

FS2Crew for the Triple 7 gets an update

FS2Crew have also got some PMDG news today, in the form of version 1.5 of their package for the Boeing 777 series.

The new version brings, as you might note from the video, a French flight crew, as well as bug fixes and enhancements. If you already own the FS2Crew 777 package, then it’s a free upgrade. Otherwise, check the product out here, to add it to your collection.

PCPilot’s PMDG MD11 Special

99702The latest special edition magazine from PC Pilot covers the PMDG rendition of the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing MD-11 tri-jet, including a compilation of all the articles previously published in the magazine within a single publication.

As well as their review, the team have included tutorials covering a full flight between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The special edition is currently only available in digital format, from pocketmags, here.


Peppercorn A2 joins TS2015 stock


If you were (or are) a child growing up in the UK, then the name “Blue Peter” means a TV programme that’s probably older than your parents. For rail enthusiasts, however, it’s a Peppercorn Class A2 “Pacific” express steam loco – which is also now available for Train Simulator 2015 from Dovetail Games, in BR Brunswick Green livery, with Mk.1 coaching stock in BR paint as well.

As usual, there are only three scenarios included, which require the East Coast Main Line: London-Peterborough route. You can see the full specs and details on Steam, here.