A_A Sceneries – ZBAA Beijing Preview

a_a-sceneries-zbaa-beijing-preview-dec-16If you already have plotted your flight plan to ZBAA Beijing in expectation of A_A Sceneries product release, it’s probably too early as you will get various AIRAC Cycles until then.

Anyway, it’s still pleasant to get some preview updates directly from the developer.

OMSI 2 – Add-On Bi-Articulated Bus AGG300

More challenging to drive, more fun when you take a tight turn with an obstacle on the opposite side, the articulated buses in OMSI 2 are really enjoyable.

Now go a step further, start your duty with the bi-articulated bus AGG300 like they exist in Hamburg.

Free : Flight1 ForeFlight Plug-in for P3D / FSX

flight1-foreflight-pluginThis is certainly an opportunity to use ForeFlight app on your iPhone or iPad. Flight1 Aviation Technologies developed a plugin to connect the electronic flight bag and navigation app to your simulator P3D or FSX. Note that the plugin is free and the app needs a subscription to access most of its content.

Among the neat features, you get maps, charts, flight planning, weather info, altitude advisor, briefing file etc..

Train Sim World : CSX Heavy Haul Beta next week

Trains drivers, be aware that you have 6 days left to take your ticket to the  Train Sim World : CSX Heavy Haul Beta. If you buy Train Simulator 2017 Pioneers Edition, currently with 75% OFF before December 7th, Dovetail Games will let you play with the new generation of train simulator, I mean TSW. And it will be ready for download on December 8th, near 6:00pm.

Meanwhile, you get a big load of recent addons for TS 2017 like TGV Marseille-Avignon, South Wales Coastal, Hamburg-Lübeck and more. Don’t get confunded with DTG Franchise Collection 3 that is 5 Euros cheaper. It includes DTG Flight School, FSX Steam Edition, Euro Fishing, TS 2017 and almost the same addons BUT no access to TSW Beta.

EFASS NG – Electronic Flight Assistant Public Beta

Electronic Flight Assistant EFASS

The Electronic Flight Assistant of Froom, acronymed EFASS, will become EFASS NG in the next version. Existing customers get the right to test it in Beta version.

Further instructions are detailed on the official website.

Parscene – Iran Mega Scenery V2.0 Vol.4 FSX P3D


It’s already the fourth volume of the expanding series launched by Parscene, to cover the whole Iran country with its Mega Scenery V2.0. This volume 4 covers the center of Iran.

Made for both FSX and P3D, it installs a lot of photoreal terrain : “20,800 sq. Km. (more than 8000 sq. miles)” mentions the author at simMarket.

Mex High Flight – MUHA La Havana in Cuba

mex-high-flight-muha-la-havana-jose-marti-international-airport-fsx-p3dThe main Cuban airport of the island exists now as a scenery for FSX and P3D.

Mex High Flight even edited a YouTube video for you to watch from the product page here.

Pilot2ATC – Alternative ATC for FSX, P3D & X-Plane

Being a fan of Radar Contact, it’s weird that you haven’t been informed here about Pilot2ATC yet. It’s an external software that connects with FSX P3D and X-Plane through Pete Dowson’s module.

It will guide you from gate to gate according to the simulator flight navigation database, and with the real time weather from Internet. Its interactions with the AI traffic are not as complete as one could wish, but I’ll have to give it a try with the 10 days free trial demo with full features activated.

MilViz – Lear 60XR VC Preview


MilViz team is revealing their work in progress status in the virtual cockpit of their future Learjet 60XR. And the current 3D model with its textures set is already beautiful !

Check out their existing catalogue at simMarket and see how well are reviewed their products by the other customers.

Aerosoft – Free Avatars in P3D

In Prepar3D, you can hang out or visit airports and other places by using avatars, 3D and animated people. As a gift to any interested simmer, Aerosoft released an airliner pilot, a marshaller, a dancing zombie and an airport falconer.