Make your Saitek throttle quadrant look like a 737

Cockpitsimparts_UK_737_saitekOwners of the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant device can make it look and feel like a 737 throttle unit.

Cockpitsim Parts UK sells exact replicas to change the default levers look to the real engines throttle levers, but the kit also includes a flaps lever, and a speedbrake lever, with fakes autopilot/autothrottle disconnect buttons. Available in grey or white colors.

Fs Refuel by SpruceSim

screenshotBefore each flight, one key task is to refuel your aircraft in Flight Simulator according to your flight plan. Usually, in the FS fuel page you have several tanks and have to write the quantity in all of them to balance the fuel. SpruceSim developed FS Refuel, a new add-on that makes refueling quite simple and realistic. It works with any aircraft and is suitable for the most recent simulators, FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D. To check this new add-on, just visit the FS Refuel page at simMarket!

Prepar3D version 2.2 released

On the ‘latest news‘ page of the Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D website, Software Manager Wesley Bard  informs us that version 2.2 of the sim is now available for download to licensed customers.

Including a number of updates, improvements and fixes, v2.2 can be downloaded from your “Purchased Downloads” page if you are logged into the site and have previously licensed version 2.x. A list of some of the included changes can be found by clicking “Read more”, below.

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Aft Overhead joins the Simworld PnP Cockpit


125595_AFTPNP4Moving upwards and rearwards of their previous hardware releases, the latest addition to Simworld‘s Plug and Play B737NG cockpit is the less used, but still important, aft overhead panel unit.

Containing the controls for the INS, audio configuration, ELT and a number of indications, the panel is once more compatible with the ProSim737 package, but with drivers for PMDG NGX, iFly and PMSystems in development. Find out more by visiting the product page.


MegaScenery Earth Ultra-Res City Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is best known historically for the same reason that its local NFL team is named – Steel.

From an aviation perspective, however, it is the second largest city in the state and former hub of US Airways, these days more frequented by the likes of JetBlue, Southwest Airlines and other carriers. PIT isn’t the only airport in the region, though, and the 5,000 square miles of the “MegaScenery Earth Ultra Res City Pittsburgh” scenery from PC Aviator will allow you to explore the area in what is advertised as 50 cm per pixel resolution. More details, screenshots and a link to the Terminal Chart showing the region covered can be found here.

MCE Supports Classic Boeings

As the video above shows, FS++, developers of Multi-Crew Experience, have announced the addition of two classic Boeing jets to the list of “complex” aircraft supported.

The Boeing 727 and 707, both by Captain Sim, join a list that includes other, more modern, CS models, as well as aircraft by PMDG, iFly, Feelthere, Simcheck and iFly, plus more.

To read the full press release, click “Read More”.

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Black Box Simulation : Airbus update

BlackBoxSimulation_LogoNice weekend for Black Box Airbus owners, they got an update. Announced on their Facebook page, this new version has important enhancements : new 2D panel for the overhead, new 3D model of the virtual cockpit, and full rewrite of the flight dynamics and fly-by-wire protections.

Other enhancements in the systems may be noticed, a detailed changelog may be published later in the weekend.

X-Plane gets Alabeo’s R66 helo

125833_12The R66 helicopter produced by Alabeo, previously only available for users of MS FSX and L-M P3D, is now also available through simMarket for X-Plane 10 pilots.

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Wing Creation : RJSS Sendai in production


After Narita RJAA, Wing Creation will produce another Japanese airport for FSX and P3D : Sendai (RJSS).

Check out their preview pictures posted in their Facebook timeline here.

Razbam Metro updated and at simMarket

125611_image002The Fairchild Swearingen SA227-BC Metroliner III, recently released by Razbam, has been updated with a service pack and is now additionally available through resellers, so if you’ve been holding out to get it, you can now pick up your copy at simMarket, rather than just the developer.

To see the contents of the service pack and for purchase links, click “Read More” below.

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