LatinWings – Valencia Announcement


As many of you know, Latinwings have been publishing some amazing screenshots showcasing their current project; Valencia. Today they have announced that it shall be published via Aerosoft meaning it should be available on the simMarket and other vendors bringing this awesome product to a much wider audience. Along with the announcement, They have included many amazing images for you to enjoy.

Cielosim Palo Alto Released


Cielosim’s Palo Alto has been released; HD textures, 3D Grass and animated birds. Just some of the features which can be found at Palo Alto. The textures and 3D modelled buildings look incredible and you can grab your copy over at simMarket.

Active Sky Next SP3 public release

Logo_ASN1It’s now safe and highly recommanded to upgrade Active Sky Next with the new Service Pack 3 its final public release.

Before any support request, it will be also requested that you have installed it first.

Aerosoft – US-Cities X Boston

Aerosoft Limesim US CIties X BostonThe US Cities X collection grows up with the new release of Boston scenery : +4.000 buildings, +350.000 Autogen objects and the photoreal terrain at a high definition including elevation data for the city and surrounding airports make it an impressive and complete package.

The animated ships and boats are also included. So don’t miss the new product of Aerosoft and Limesim.

Syncro-Soft Boeing P-8 Poseidon Soundkit Released



Syncrosoft have released a P-8 Poseidon soundkit which can be used with the PMDG 737 P-8. You can see a youtube vid showcasing the sounds in the product description over on simMarket.

Aerosoft US Cities X – Boston Released


Aerosoft’s newest production of their US Citites X series is Boston!  4.3GB and over 350,000 realistically placed autogen objects will certainly be a fun place for VFR or even IFR . 9 Helipads rendered and the main airports have new high res ground textures and customised mesh terrain. You can grab your copy on the simMarket store.

Airline2Sim Announces CRJ Training Package


Airline2Sim, Well known for their Q400 First Officer training course; have recently unveiled plans to make a CRJ training package taught by a real CRJ pilot. Once the Aerosoft CRJ has been released, work should commence not too long after bringing you a very nice series alike the First Officer Q400. Its a phenomenal series and I can’t wait for all the other ones planned and those in the works.

Airline2Sim:“You didn’t think we’d miss this one did you? We’ll even include a free quick start video with your Aerosoft CRJ…”

New Flight1 GEX and UTX Releases on the Store


There have been 3 new Flight1 Releases on the simMarket store recently: Thus being Australia and Antarctica, Asia and South America along with Ultimate Terrain X: Tropical America and the Caribbean. They are all similarly priced at €25.92 Excl VAT and compatible with FSX and FSX Steam.

Cielosim – Palo Alto Final Previews


CieloSim have released their final previews over on their new site. All of the features listed sound great and included amongst that is a 14 day money back guarantee which shall be interesting  to see. The textures look crisp and it’s going to cost $19.99 according to their site. Oh, And did I mention release is at the end of this week

Megascenery Spain Released!


Megascenery is back again; and this time? Spain! It’s available in 3 different parts; North, Central and South and all 3 parts are priced the same. If you wish to buy all 3 at the same time you can at €25.95/each excl VAT.

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