Aerosoft CRJ Beta Previews


Aerosoft CRJ Beta Tester Brandon posted a vast collection of previews over on the Aerosoft Forum today of a flight he recently flew. Enjoy the previews on the source link and as always, it’s a waiting game for more news.

Aerosoft A330 Modelling Complete


An update regarding the Aerosoft A330 has been posted on the Aerosoft Forum. VC Modelling is now complete, so hopefully they’ll be working on the exterior in not too long.

KDM Entertainment/Aerosoft – Pisa Tuscany X night preview

KDM Entertainment - Pisa Tuscany X previewSimmers will be able to welcome soon another Italian airport scenery, made by KDM Entertainment.

A few days ago, we reported here the preview posted in their publisher’s forum, Aerosoft. Directly on their Facebook page, there are new pics to load, revealing the night lighting effects !

Aerosoft – Airport Zurich V2.0 for X-Plane 10

In the new version 2.0 of Airport Zurich for X-Plane, Aerosoft updated their scenery on all aspects : new airport installations, enhanced 3D models, higher resolution and new textures.

Read more at simMarket to find the exhaustive list of new features. Registered customer of the version 1 are eligible to the price update offer.

vFlyteAir – Piper Cherokee 140/140 Classic X-Plane 10

vFlyteAir - PIPER CHEROKEE 140 ORIGINAL VERSION X-PLANE 10simMarket has new stuff in stock to make happy GA pilots in X-Plane. vFlyteAir sells two separate packs : the Piper Cherokee 140 Original version and the 140 Classic.

What’s the difference between them ? In the last Classic pack, the instrument panel is different, with 2 COM/NAV radios, the X-Plane GPS 430, with IFR capability.

FSX3D – Le Castellet Airport preview

After Calvi in the French island of Corsica, FSX3D will bring LFMQ Le Castellet Airport close to the Mediterranean Sea.

Its specificity is the racing track Paul Ricard standing just beside it ! FSX3D sticks to their airport design policy, with advanced detailed, animations and realistic night lighting effects.

Prealsoft HD Cities Barcelona Released


Prealsoft has announced the release of HD Cities Barcelona today over on the simMarket store. With a vast photoreal area, combined with autogen and also compatibility for FTX Global and Aerosoft Mega Airport Barcelona, you’ll certainly be in for a treat if you combine all three together. For more information, head over to the simMarket store.

Drzewiecki Design – Baku X final preview

Drzewiecki Design - Baku X final preview

Drzewiecki Design team will add a new entry to their sceneries collection at simMarket this week : Baku X.

Be prepapred for a very complete product with Heydar Aliyev detailed airport up to the ground services vehicles and realistic glass textures on buildings. It will ship too with Baku city, the whole Azerbaidjan country covered of photoreal terrain, and other airport in ‘lite’ quality.

Justsim – Varna Bulgaria LBWN in X-Plane too

Justsim - Varna Bulgaria LBWN in X-PlaneJust as they did with their first products, Justsim adapted their latest Varna Bulgaria LBWN scenery to X-Plane 10, beside the FSX/P3D product.

In Laminar Research flight simulator, the airport near the Dead Sea coast in Bulgario also gets the numerous Autogen objects, the animated ground services vehicles. Note it’s compatible with X-Life traffic.

Simcoders enhance Carenado Bonanza V35

Simcoders Reality Expansion Pack Carenado Beechcraft v35b XPSimcoders hit the stores again with another Reality Expansion pack, this time for Carenado’s Bonanza V35 in X-Plane 10.

Combine the advanced visuals and beautiful 3D model with the realistic simulation of the engine, the flight and ground dynamics, complex damages system brought by Simcoders.

You need first Carendo Bonanza V35 for X-Plane, and the separate product by Simcoders here.