FSMagazin Issue 1, 2010

Bert Groner of  the largest German language flightsim magazine FS Magazin, announced the next issue being available on the streets on February 4th (and through subscription of course).When you click on ‘Read Full Story…” you can see what’s covered in this first 2010 issue. FSMagazin is cooperating with simFlight Germany through our new dedicated forums.Excerpt from the contence:

– The Circle of Berne: Small Airfields Switzerland Part 6
– Better, more beautiful, newer: Fly Boston
– The “windy City”: US Cities X Chicago Airplanes
– Finally took off: Air Simmer’s A320 Basic Edition
– Development with defects: Embraer Regional Jets Version 2
– FS-MAGAZIN-Special: Legends live longer – Piper Cub Tools
– Get it: Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) by AivlaSoft Soaring
– State of the art: DG-202 by FSGlider Basics
– Instrument Landing System (ILS) Part 1 Flight Training
– Dragonhunting in Hong Kong: Approaches to Kai Tak Droping by
– Flying with perspective: VFR-Flightsimulator in Switzerland Hardware
– Three times new hardware from VRI

“…… This new issues of the FS MAGAZIN is rounded by news, this time as well for X-Plane, the exclusive simFlight pages and some more of course. Have fun reading!

P.S. We’re looking for another X-Plane author with the main focus on General Aviation and propeller aircraft. If you take stock in this please don’t hesitate to contact redaktion(at)fsmagazin.de. Thanks a lot!…”.

For subscriptions please check out the FSMagazin web site here.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010 14:09

I fully agree with Francois, no body need to battle or to fight. The fs scene is too small and in this difficult situation about the future of a new sim, we need to stay together to save the market. Bert is right with that what he says about the money to publish a magazine. The cost are very expensive, germany is one of the european countries with the highest taxes on wages. Also the VAT is high. For example in France, a magazine pays only 2,9% VAT, in Germany 7%. The international market has two good bimonthly publications, the… Read more »

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 15:36

Sorry, I missed this:

All the best!

Bert Groner
editor in chief

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 15:34

Hello all! To me it is not a vital fact to be the “big leader” in our small business – much better is the struggle for beeing good – better if possible by lerning and sometimes losing as everywhere in life – and approved. And I don’t worry seeing our forum beeing not used that much as (not only I) would love it because of some reasons if you allow some open words: 1. There is an incredible amount of fs-related websites out here and no one can read/write/use all of them simulanteously. Beiing par tof a aparticualr forum is… Read more »

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 14:31

Oh c’mon…the FSMagazin sells only 6 issues p.a. Don’t you think they would switch to a monthly appearance – like the FXP – if they could afford it? Just take a look into the FSMagazin/Simflight.de forum…it’s almost dead!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 21:49

no need to battle… ‘LOL’ is the only thing that comes to mind… everyone believes what he/she wants to believe, nothing wrong with that.