Day: April 12, 2010

Wee Tune Beastie II

Sky Blue Radio is “….. pleased to announce the release of our latest in-flight entertainment software Wee Tune Beastie II. The application promises to transform

X-Plane Cessna Corvalis TT

Here is some news for X-Plane users. “….. X-Aviation is pleased to announce the release of our Cessna Corvalis TT (Cessna 400)! You can view

Beech 18 From CR1

Hmmmm, let’s see, did we mention the Beech 18 here yet? CR1 produced a virtual Beech 18 that “…. is built to imitate the real

Salalah Airport From OryxSim

Florian Fermin of OryxSim reports that he is “….. pleased to announce the release of Salalah International Airport for Flight Simulator 2004, some days ahead

Captain Sim 707 Poll

Captain Sim is working on their 707 family of airliners. they report that the “…… Upcoming 707 Captain family will deliver the 707-320B, 707-320ADV, 707-300C,

Updated Dortmund Scenery

Christian Bahr from Germany reports that he is working on a new update to the Dortmund Scenery. Improvements and changes will be made specifically to

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