Airport Wizard version 1.03 released

There’s no doubt one of the reasons why FS has been a success, it’s because it can be easily tweaked for much better realism and enhanced visuals. One way to do so is Airport Wizard, an easy tool to upgrade any airport in FSX and FS2004.

“The new version 1.03 adds a choice of different taxiway edge light types”, download the update here. has released a new version of Airport Wizard – a simple tool for easily improving the look of airports in FSX and FS9.”

“With just a few mouse clicks, you can add incredibly realistic illuminated aprons.”

Add taxiway lines that are perfectly round at turns and intersections. And taxiway lights that have a real 3D appearance both at day and night, instead of being just bright dots. No need to know anything about editing airports – with Airport Wizard, improving an airport just takes a few seconds!

For more information, please visit”

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