Classic Aircraft Simulations – CAS Piper J-3 Cub MSFS

Fly the legendary Piper J-3 Cub in your Microsoft Flight Simulator. A nod to aviation history with its iconic high-wing, taildragger design. Originally a WWII trainer, this model offers simplicity and exceptional handling.

Among the included features, find the detailed and native MSFS 3D Model with all new game features like CFD and physics-based animations, HD sound pack with Wwise support, camera vibrations and movement effects, tablet in cockpit to control all plane aspects. But the most important thing is that this model includes custom-coded failures for engine and landing gear.

With physics-based animations, landing gear failure simulation, and animated passengers, the CAS J3C-65 delivers an authentic and immersive flying experience. Oh, yes… Don’t forget to start engine by your hand. Fly the legends with Classic Aircraft Simulations and SIMMARKET.

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