Flight Panels Introduces A300-600R Stream Deck Profile MSFS

Flight Panels has launched a new Stream Deck Profile Series for the iniBuilds Airbus A300-600R in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, marking their most detailed and comprehensive release so far. This profile boasts over 535 custom-designed buttons across 21 pages on the Stream Deck XL and 53 pages on 15-key devices, allowing users to control the cockpit buttons, dials, and switches of the A300-600 directly from their Stream Deck devices. This includes compatibility with Stream Deck XL, Classic, MK.2, and Stream Deck Mobile for iPadOS.

The founder of Flight Panels, Richard Kennedy, emphasizes the company’s mission to enhance the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience by creating highly detailed and consistently designed Stream Deck profiles. These profiles aim to maximize immersion and integrate seamlessly into every simulator setup. The Airbus A300-600R, which first came into service in 1988, is known for its enhanced performance, extended range, and versatility in both passenger and cargo operations, capable of accommodating up to 266 passengers and flying up to 4,200 nautical miles.

Flight Panels offers the A300-600R Stream Deck Profile in two versions: a 32-key version for the Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck Mobile for iPadOS, and a 15-key version for the Stream Deck Classic, MK.2, and Stream Deck Mobile for iPadOS. For an optimal experience, the company recommends using one or more Stream Deck XL devices. This new profile series aims to be a vital part of any Microsoft Flight Simulator setup, providing a highly immersive and realistic flight simulation experience.

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