Just Flight – Black Square Turbine Duke and Piston Duke MSFS at SIMMARKET

If you like super realistic aircraft in the General Aviation class, consider seriously Black Square’s Turbine Duke and Piston Duke for Microsoft Flight Simulator, now available at SIMMARKET. These aircraft simulations offer unmatched realism with advanced systems such as over 130 possible failures, detailed environmental and pressurization controls, and 12 hot-swappable radio configurations. The Turbine Duke features enhanced turboprop dynamics, comprehensive turbine engine failure simulations, and advanced electrical systems. The Piston Duke boasts an intricate reciprocating engine simulation, precise turbocharger functionality, and realistic engine management. Both models include a new tablet interface for managing options, payload, and failures, as well as over 500 checklist items for various flight procedures.

Enhance your virtual flying experience with meticulously modeled 3D gauges, realistic sound sets, and flight dynamics that closely mirror real-world performance. These aircraft are equipped with a wide array of avionics from different eras, enabling navigation without GPS or with modern systems like the Garmin GTN 750. Additional features include functional exterior elements, state-saving capabilities, and simulated environmental effects such as St. Elmo’s Fire. Each aircraft comes with multiple interiors, paint schemes, and a 160-page manual to guide you through every aspect of their operation. Purchase both models together for a special price at SIMMARKET.

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