New Partnership Brings AI Dispatchers to OnAir Airline Manager

OnAir Airline Manager has just unveiled a revolutionary partnership with SayIntentions.AI, promising to elevate the flight simulation experience for virtual pilots. This collaboration introduces AI dispatchers to the OnAir platform, offering users a new level of realism and immersion. With this update, pilots can now interact with up to four different AI dispatchers, each representing various companies or virtual airlines, through their radio communication systems.

OnAir Airline Manager is a comprehensive flight simulation management platform that allows users to create, manage, and grow their own virtual airline, handling everything from flight planning to financial operations connecting their account with Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, Prepar3D and even FSX. Give a try for FREE 7 days via SIMMARKET.

Available immediately for all users who have both OnAir and SayIntentions accounts, this integration is designed to enhance the management and operational aspects of virtual airlines. Detailed instructions on connecting OnAir to a SayIntentions account can be found on the OnAir website. Additionally, a brief video demonstration by Marajin is available, showcasing the seamless interaction with the new AI dispatchers, ensuring users can quickly get accustomed to this innovative feature.

For those unfamiliar with SayIntentions, a free 24-hour trial is offered, allowing new users to experience both SayIntentions and the OnAir dispatchers. For more in-depth coverage, including a comprehensive explanation by Marajin and Capt TX, a recorded livestream is accessible. This partnership marks a significant milestone in flight simulation, bringing a realistic dispatcher experience to the virtual cockpit.

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