A2A Simulations – Accu-Sim Aerostar 600 MSFS Project Announced

A2A Simulations has announced their next project, the Accu-Sim Aerostar 600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, following the success of their Comanche 250. The Aerostar 600 will utilize the same advanced Accu-Sim 2.0 technology, which enhances the flight physics to closely replicate real-world flying experiences. A2A’s deep involvement with the Aerostar, having owned and operated the aircraft for several years, ensures a high level of authenticity in this new simulation. The Aerostar 600, being a piston twin, offers a distinct flying experience compared to the single-engine Comanche, providing pilots with new challenges and skill development opportunities.

The anticipated release for the Aerostar 600 is later in 2024. A2A Simulations expresses gratitude to Microsoft and the flight simulation community for their support. Attendees of the FS Expo should look out for A2A Simulations’ owner and founder, Scott Gentile, and are encouraged to greet him if spotted at the event. This upcoming project marks A2A’s first twin-engine aircraft using Accu-Sim technology, highlighting their commitment to delivering realistic and immersive flight simulation experiences.

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1 month ago

Are they joking? They announced it already 5-7 year ago for P3D, but it never arrived! 😀
and finally, they were able to release exactly ONE aircraft in the whole MS2020 life cycle, congratilations!

I’m done with A2A, nobody need them anymore.. there are a few other developers in Ms2020 market, making as got aicraft as A2A, but in 10% of the time!!

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