FSexpo 2024 | TFDi Design – MD-11 MSFS Release Date Announced : July 02nd

TFDi Design announced that their highly anticipated MD-11 for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available for public download on July 2nd, 2024. Preorders will end at the conclusion of Flight Sim Expo, and presale customers will have the opportunity to preload the aircraft early next week, with a small activation patch likely on release. This virtual aircraft features a meticulously crafted cockpit with 4K textures, custom animations, and detailed mechanisms, as well as a high-detail passenger cabin. The systems are comprehensively recreated, including an advanced FMS, fully simulated autoflight system, and realistic onboard systems like electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and fuel systems.

The MD-11 offers extensive customization options with both Pratt & Whitney and General Electric engine choices, along with various customer-specific options such as engine tape display. The cargo variant converts the passenger cabin into a cargo hold with corresponding changes in the flight deck and systems. Exclusive to the Extended Simulation Package are built-in failures that introduce random and operational challenges, enhancing realism. This package includes partial circuit breaker functionality and a failures management panel for remote control of failures, all officially licensed by Boeing.

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