TOP 3 Real World Routes for your New Boeing 777-300ER

Let’s say you just got a brand new Boeing 777 in your MSFS library and you’re in the process of getting acquainted with the model. Here are our TOP 3 short haul flights for MSFS based on real world aviation.

Number 3

DubaiTehran: Emirates 2 hours

The journey takes pilots over the vast desert landscapes of the United Arab Emirates and Iran. The contrast between the arid deserts and the greenery around Tehran can be visually captivating. As the aircraft approaches Tehran, it encounters the Alborz mountain range. Pilots need to carefully manage altitude and descent rates to avoid terrain obstacles. The mountainous backdrop provides a stunning view during approach and landing.

Don’t forget to add Dubai and Tehran airport sceneries to get the most out of your flight experience.

Number 2

Singapore – Jakarta: Singapore Airlines 1:30 hours

The route takes you over lush tropical landscapes, including the Indonesian archipelago. You’ll see dense forests, rivers, and coastal areas as you fly. Not to mention Singapore itself which is rendered in photogrammetry. A bespoke scenery for Singapore’s Changi Airport can also be downloaded here.

Number 1

LondonIstanbul: Turkish Airlines: 3:40 hours

If you’re feeling brave, the slightly longer route of London to Istanbul might be for you. Flying between these two iconic cities connects Europe and Asia. Istanbul, with its rich history, stunning architecture, and the Bosphorus Strait, provides a unique visual experience during approach and departure. As you depart from London, you’ll see the Thames River, landmarks like the Tower Bridge, and the English countryside.This is all made even better by the existing photogrammetry. Before you depart, make sure you’ve installed both London Heathrow EGLL and the LTFM Istanbul Airport scenery. The main airport of London is in the top 3 busiest airport in Europe, and iniBuilds modelled it with spectacular night lighting effects. The Turkish airport is a true to life detailed replica of LTFM and it will bring you the final drop of immersion that you needed.

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