FSexpo 2024 | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Release Date, Development and Content Sum Up

Microsoft Flight Simulator has long been celebrated for its dedication to realism and innovation in the world of flight simulation. At FSexpo 2024, Microsoft unveiled exciting details about the upcoming release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (MSFS2024), scheduled for November 19, 2024. The new iteration promises a plethora of enhancements, detailed content, and cutting-edge technology that will captivate both new users and veteran pilots alike.

Steady Stream of Updates

Over the past four years, MSFS2020 has seen an impressive 48 updates, including 15 significant Sim Updates. This commitment to continuous improvement has cultivated a user base of 15 million, affirming the simulator’s global popularity and enduring appeal. Microsoft has announced that MSFS2020 will continue to receive nearly monthly updates until 2028, ensuring its ongoing relevance and functionality.

Technological Advancements

MSFS2024 represents a significant leap forward in flight simulation technology. One of the most notable advancements is the complete overhaul of the world objects. All ground elements, such as grass, trees, and rocks, will be rendered in 3D, eliminating the previous mix of 2D flat objects with textures. This transformation is powered by Azure AI, which accurately detects real-world ground surfaces and autogenerates realistic textures and 3D alterations, enhancing immersion. Remote airfields will no longer appear flat and empty; runways will be surrounded by 3D trees and regional models of characters and vehicles.

The cloud system in MSFS2024 has also been significantly improved. The new lighting systems impact cloud illumination, adding a layer of realism, especially noticeable with new cloud types like cirrus. These changes will dramatically enhance the visual experience, particularly during sunrise and sunset.

Enhanced Environmental Interactions

MSFS2024 introduces several features that enhance environmental interactions. The physics of ropes and advertisement roll banners pulled by aircraft will now be accurately simulated, adding dynamic movement as they flap in the air. In-cockpit shadows will benefit from full ray tracing, creating more realistic lighting and shadows.

Wake turbulence, generated by low-flying aircraft over grass and crops, and the blow effects from helicopter rotors will now impact the environment realistically. . Crops and cultures will be realistically generated in 3D by AI, depicting various agricultural landscapes accurately. Ships will navigate 3D waves with boats following the wave shapes and water movements. All the ships data will be more realistic thanks to a new world data stream for ship traffic. MSFS2024 will include all glider bases, oil rigs, and new 2024 ship models with Global Ship AI Traffic.

Seasonal Changes and Detailed Aircraft

Seasons will be dynamically represented with changes to grass, trees, and bushes. This addition brings the world of MSFS2024 to life, reflecting the natural variations seen throughout the year.

Several highly detailed aircraft will be included in MSFS2024. The A400M by iniBuilds will feature accurate rotor movements and visual effects. The Twin Otter, based on the Aerosoft product but mostly redone, and the A-10 Warthog from DC Designs will also be part of the base content. Asobo is developing their most advanced airplane to date, the 737-8 Max, which promises to be a standout feature. Notable new aircraft from Got Friends, such as the Aeroelvira Optica, gliders, and the powerful bush plane Draco X, will be included.

Realistic AI and Advanced Planning Tools

MSFS2024 will feature 3D animated people in the airports, walking on walkways, adding another layer of realism to the simulation. And the user will be able to explore and walk around the world in 3D.

Advanced planning tools will be integrated into MSFS2024. Working Title will provide an advanced flight planner accessible from both inside and outside the simulator. Features will include ETOPS, weather, takeoff and landing performance, VFR charts, and SID/STAR procedures, accessible via a browser, tablet, or phone.

Replay and Formation Flying Features

Flightcontroltools will integrate most features of FlightControlReplay 5 into MSFS2024. This will include normal replay functions with save/load/play-pause/forward/backward capabilities and instant replay with the ability to resume the flight from any point. For example, you will be able to restart a missed approach, a too fast final descent, a hard landing or any phase of flight that you want to restart by using the provided button Take Plane Control during an Instant Replay. You can still resume the flight after the instant replay if you are satisfied with your performance.

Additionally, the Fly-by camera will be available during the Replay of recorded flights. Formation Flying will be also simulated : in live flight with a Ghost mode, on AI pilot following your flight path, or in recorded flight with PlayAI mode. This last option allows many more options and more AI aircraft in your flying group. In both cases, the AI pilots position, angle, distance and delays in flight maneuvers are all customizable in the options.

Expansive Content and New Partnerships

Partnerships with Climax will bring Red Bull Air Racing and Reno Air Racing to the simulator, enhancing the competitive flying experience. New airports, such as KJFK New York JFK and KASE Aspen, will be featured, adding to the simulator’s expansive world.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is set to redefine the standards of flight simulation with its release on November 19, 2024. With cutting-edge technology, realistic environmental interactions, advanced planning tools, and a wealth of detailed content, MSFS2024 promises to deliver an unparalleled flying experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a newcomer to the world of flight simulation, MSFS2024 offers an immersive and exciting adventure in the skies.

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