Flight Procedures Simulation – FPS Embraer 190 & 195 Series X-Plane 12

The FPS Embraer 190 & 195 Series for X-Plane 12, developed by the creators of the Supercritical Simulations Group, offers a highly detailed and realistic simulation of these aircraft models. This package includes advanced features such as a sophisticated Flight Management System (FMS) supporting VNAV, LNAV, and various approach types like ILS, RNAV, VOR, and GLS. The aircraft is meticulously modeled with detailed animations, including landing gear, doors, and wing flex. It boasts custom external lighting, an accurate 3D cockpit, and enhanced cabin graphics. Systems like hydraulic, electrical, brake, and air conditioning are simulated with high fidelity, alongside an extensive advisory system.

The flight model benefits from a custom Fly By Wire system ensuring realistic flight protection and control. The FMS supports Navigraph flight plans and AIRACs, and includes features like a high-resolution display, TCAS, and weather radar. Sound is meticulously recorded from real aircraft, enhancing immersion. Additionally, an integrated tablet offers functionalities for ground operations, payload, fueling, and more, with support for AVITAB. The package includes liveries for numerous airlines, making it a comprehensive and engaging addition for flight simulation enthusiasts. Available now via SIMMARKET.

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