ShortFinal Design – San Jose Airport KSJC XP12

Explore Silicon Valley from the skies with ShortFinal Design’s San Jose Airport (KSJC) for XP12, now available at SIMMARKET. San Jose Mineta International, located just 3 miles from downtown San Jose, is the second-busiest airport in the Bay Area. It offers a variety of domestic flights and international routes to destinations like Tokyo and Mexico, alongside a robust corporate and general aviation sector featuring two fixed-base operators and several corporate tenants.

This scenery package brings San Jose Airport to life with an accurate 2024 layout, detailed building models with ambient occlusion, and fully modeled terminal interiors. Enjoy custom high-resolution pavement textures, PBR materials, dynamic night lighting, and high-resolution photo scenery. The airport’s environment is rich with 3D vegetation, animated vehicles, passengers, workers, and realistic jetways with SAM integration. Additional features include detailed hangar interiors, surrounding landmarks like the PayPal Park stadium, and full ATC network support for AI traffic addons. Enhance your virtual flights with a meticulously crafted and vibrant representation of San Jose Airport.

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