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There is some information making the rounds in some forums about a new project named Andras Field to be released soon. I was curious when i was given a pdf outlining the full scope of the project and was even more curious after reading it. It turns out that it follows an idea that started many many years ago with a product originally released for FS2002 by an Italian company called Lago and that was known as Emma Field. It was about a fictional airfield full of daily (automated) life and supported by a forum that is actually a living community populated by simmers. EF itself is rather dormant these days as there was never any development finished for FSX.

This summer you’ll see more news about the Battle of Britain, English aviation events and museums and other related topics. Why? Because in 2010 it will be exactly 70 years ago that the Battle of Britain was fought between the RAF and the Luftwaffe and there are plenty of commemorations on the topic. One interesting place on the ‘web’ is the Duxford website specially dedicated to the BoB. Check it out here!

The definition of a “simulation” is to imitate something real. VERO (“real” in Italian) has just began producing what we believe to be one of the most significant developments in flight simulation for the years to come: photo-realistic sceneries of unprecedented detail.

They decided to start with photo-real ground textures to then start producing 3D environment like buildings and trees. It’s a big project but they seem well skilled, organized and prepared to face all it takes to become an important name in the industry.

No more compromises here. We are talking about a great FSX enhancement as it will not be necessary to give up on snow coverage and seasonal variations, simulated by default in FSX. Here follow’s an interview with Gabriele Cripezzi, founder and head developer at VERO.

In a wonderful moving article, Michelle Goodeve makes us part of her ‘barnstorming flying’ and of some very personal thoughts following a dramatic event in her life recently. Michelle is a great word smith and a very dedicated flying lady – among many other things. Read all about herself and her special experience in her latest free article on

After sitting through the nail-biting hockey game last night, we just HAVE to congratulate our Canadian friends and readers today! Not only on winning the Gold with Hockey and Curling, but also on the friendly hosting of yet another wonderful Winter Olympics. Your athletes and teams winning so many medals is well deserved! Go Canada from your friends in Europe!

Weird title, eh? What I mean is that sometimes it is nice to go from the simulated and virtual world we ‘simmers’ like to live and hide in out into the real world and actually MEET each other. That can be at big events such as the various flightsim ‘conferences’, but why not agree a meeting place somewhere and just go and have a coffee, a chat and some food together. Some Dutch simmers did just that yesterday and met at the wonderful World War 2 Museum Overloon, in the south of The Netherlands. Maybe an idea for you to…

It’s a dilemma I face all the time. I need a place to fly and it needs to be quick. Like many flight simmers, I seem to always be pressed for time, or I sit down at my desk unsure of how long I’ll be able to devote to flying. I think that’s why VFR flights and GA aircraft appeal to me: they’re easy to get into the air without a lot of tinkering around. Load some fuel, passengers, cargo and maybe set up a failure or two and we’re flying. It’s also why I’m partial to flying in the Caribbean: there’s so much to see and the airports are rarely further than 30 minutes apart.

“Me, I was a natural in a plane. But in snow? One minute I’m humming along, the next, my fuel line’s gummed and I’m skidding and banging against a frozen creek.” – Joseph Boyden, Through Black Spruce, 2008, Viking Canada With the bad rap snow has been getting lately, it’s hard not to long for summer. Now, I know what it’s like, I’m no stranger to shovelling driveways or salting walkways, but just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some of the best flying conditions of the year.  In fact, with a little preparation, winter…

Heck YESSSSS I am proud! My friends at WhyFly, the brand new aviation web magazine from Canada, have read my first story and deemed it fit to join those already there. That means I am in the company of some VERY talented and esteemed writers and photographers AND aviation lovers. I couldn’t wish for a better place to be, really. And this is also the culmination of my life-long ‘quest’ of being involved in aviation. It’s probably as close as I’ll ever be, unless we manage to move to France and get my Ultralight License there. If I do, you…

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