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The NL2000 team is still busy developing the freeware scenery of the Netherlands for P3D. The NL2000 team released version 5.04. This is an extra because the FSweekend is cancelled. The biggest changes will be visible in the photografic scenery. The team could use actual aerial photo’s from 2019. There will be a version with 50 cm/pixel and one with 1 m/pixel. Some fields with grass runways have special versions for use in Prepar3Dv5. Airports like Eelde, Teuge and  Middenmeer have been brougt up to date to the present situation and on several airports and scenery are minor adjustments implemented.…

The makers of the popular and freeware A32nx for Microsoft Flight Simulator announce an ambitious project, also freeware. They have started to model in 3D an Airbus A380, “without affecting progress on the A32NX whatsoever” according to their statement here.

With its runway of 2,234 ft length, the small airfield Istanbul Hezarfen (LTBW) can receive general aviation aircraft near the Turkish city. It is built from the ground up for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, available for free thanks to SimülasyonTÜRK. Click on “İndirmek için tıklayın” to start the RAR file download. Features Improved ATC Custom ATC Tower and office building Custom Ayjet Hangar model Sloped runway and improved textures Accurate taxiway and stands, parking layout Highly detailed models HD building textures PBR textures Helipad Accurate windsock place Basic pushback system

After 3 years already of compatibility with X-Plane 11, the free app FlightJobs can now connect to Microsoft Flight Simulator as well. The author adds that “it simulates the pilot’s work, earning money and experience to be hired by an airline company. […] This tool was constructed and can be improved with community suggestions.” Find videos, tutorials and the app download on his website :

Five Polish airfields around Warsaw have in common not to be paved and to come as freeware sceneries for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The nice gift has been designed by Drzewiecki Design and can be downloaded at no cost from simMarket : thanks you ! Airfields list : EPKU Konstancin EPSJ Sobienie EPKQ Karczew EPGO Goraszka EPNC Chrcynno

At Tom IT’s personal page, you will find a free software that connects with Flight Simulator to train for emergencies. By default, the simulator only lets you set a timer. MSFS Emergency Training App will trigger the failures randomly instead. You can even specify conditions, like minimum and maximum altitude settings.

Thanks to, the junction between Hamburg and Copenhagen becomes a detailed and freeware scenery named Birds Air Route for P3D v5/v4. Recognize the actual buildings and enjoy the 3D people and cars populating the 3 following areas : Puttgarden, Rodbyhavn and the Maribo airfield (EKMB). This scenery also includes custom vegetation, AI ships and locomotives.

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