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This regional airport in the South Western region of France comes as a freeware scenery for X-Plane : download and visit LFDI Libourne. Browse the other creations available at A Sky Story website as they also have photoreal regions and detailed airports already available on their recently opened portal.

A new team has started to produce and deliver photoreal sceneries for X-Plane 10 and 11 : Corsica and Ibiza islands in the Mediterranean Sea. As donationware, you are free to give some money or just download the files. A Sky Story website ( reveals also they are going to develop airports (Libourne LFDI and then Casablanca GMMN, and most of them should be free according to the chief developer who got in contact with us. He added that users requests to work on other regions could trigger them to work on a photoreal scenery and then deliver it again…

In FSDevelopers forum, Tatu introduced his creation for Finland : a nice series of Freeware FSX sceneries to cover the whole country with mesh, landclass, landmarks (obstacles and lighthouses), and enhanced airports ! All of these will be found at for free download.

This is certainly an opportunity to use ForeFlight app on your iPhone or iPad. Flight1 Aviation Technologies developed a plugin to connect the electronic flight bag and navigation app to your simulator P3D or FSX. Note that the plugin is free and the app needs a subscription to access most of its content. Among the neat features, you get maps, charts, flight planning, weather info, altitude advisor, briefing file etc..

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