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Garry J. Smith reports that “……I recently did some texture work for the Abacus Fighter Pilot 2 package. As usual I got a bit carried away with doing liveries for the suite, particularly the F18G. As the package intended to use only a few liveries for each aircraft I naturally had a bucket of “tinkers” left over. Therefore, I decided to share them with simmers for FREE Download from my site. Hit the Catalogue button – scroll down to Fighter Pilot 2 – click on goto aircraft and away you go.

Pavel Sirenko reports about his FS Web Communicator. “……..It is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator which allows the player to browse the internet on the fly. This enhancement allows the user to check email, view weather forecasts, or see live traffic reports without the inconvenience of exiting Flight Simulator. Further, for long distance flights, it is helpful to have a handy web access tool within the virtual cockpit. With FS Web Communicator, you can handle all of your web browsing needs while never having to leave the environment of Flight Simulator. For download and more information please visit here…”

Johannes Kimla informs us that a performance-fix is now available for his donationware “Klagenfurt 2007” (LOWK 2007) for MSFS 2004. Users of less powerful systems will notice a significant increase of framerates. The ground structure of the aprons was reworked from scratch. In addition to this a replacement texture for the runway is included. Please find the mentioned files at using the search item: ‘LOWK 2007 – Performance Fix’

Alejandro Rojas Lucena produced a freeware model of the Business Jet Cessna Citation 500. This FSX SP2 model features a virtual cockpit and cabin, custom sounds and custom flight dynamics. It also features a dynamic female co-pilot. Grab your free copy here.

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